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How do I customize a character into a new one?

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How do I customize a character into a new one? SPOGNVp
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I'm looking for some guidance. I'm trying to make Mirko from My Hero Academia (see link below). I've seen characters augmented into new characters all the time. For instance, I've seen someone take Blue Mary from KOF and turn her into Rhea Ripley from WWE, or an old version of Superman crafted from the sprites of Magneto from MVC. However, I have yet to find any guidance on this type of character augmentation. I've only found basic tutorials related to downloading existing sprites and creating THAT character for MUGEN.

So since I literally can't find Mirko anywhere (not even a sprite sheet), my plan B is to take a pre-built character like White Rabbit (second link) and turn her into Mirko myself since I have no money to just get the character commissioned from scratch. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to make this happen?



Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

How do I customize a character into a new one? 51937087073_50975dcb2f_o
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Hi actionpacked247.

You initially posted this topic in the wrong section.
I have moved your topic here to the correct thread.
The section you originally posted in is strictly for Mugen commission requests only.
For more information on how to request free mugen help/assistance, please refer to the help request guide below:

How do I customize a character into a new one? 39750191021_f709bd611c_o



How do I customize a character into a new one? Wcz4RWt
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About sprites i can't help you. Anyway i'm not exactly a fan of spriteswaps. So if you later need help for change the code and make her better you can ask me any doubt. Btw i saw some sprites of her in the past made by acquaintances.

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