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Underground Mugen community specializing in advanced Mugen stages, screenpacks & Graphics

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**NEW** Join The Official Newagemugen 24/7 Discord Chatroom Now!

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**NEW** Join The Official Newagemugen 24/7 Discord Chatroom Now! OjtZ7W5
**NEW** Join The Official Newagemugen 24/7 Discord Chatroom Now! 50702092343_c1463bf237_o

It's official, The Newagemugen forums Discord Chat server is Live and running.

Everyone is welcome! But before Joining us....
DISCLAIMER:We are NOT your NORMAL Mugen Discord server.


No seriously, PLEASE read the following or you may be disappointed and confused later.

Newagemugen started in the mid 2000s as an underground/private Mugen content creation & graphic design group.
In 2018 we opened our doors to the public Mugen community.
Anyone is welcome to join, however we must emphasize that we are NOT your NORMAL Mugen Discord server.


- Regularly Active, talkative, sociable, respectful
- A Diehard Mugen Fan
- Seeking Mugen/art commission or business $$
- Serious Mugen content creator
- Graphic designer
- Digital/traditional artist
- Returning Mugen Veteran
- Mugen Youtuber


- looking for download links
FYI:there aren't any on our discord. Everything is here on our website

- Antisocial/A lurker/Unlikely to talk/interact
Our Discord server Bot auto-purges inactive accounts daily/weekly/monthly.
Don't take it personal - In reality, most Mugen Discord servers with 500+ members, usually only ever have 20-50 regularly active members.
And those same 20-50 members are generally the same members in every other server.
We are looking for quality not quantity. The best of the best, and most importantly, a Mugen family full of brothers.
Not a Mugen carnival full of honklers lol.

- Looking for free MUGEN help
Our community is unique in this regard - We are not angled towards general help like other MUGEN discord servers/websites.
As of September 2020, we only offer MUGEN help via paid commission service on our discord server.
For paid help & assistance (Paypal acc required) use our Discord Paid help/commission channel, or ideally post your request here:

Mugen Paid help/Commission requests thread

For free help, try here:

Newagemugen Help

Mugenguild Help

Mugenmultiverse Help

Mugenfreeforall Help

Our website rules also apply to discord. You can read them here:

If you have read, and agree with all of the above, click the Samurai's booty in the pic below.


**NEW** Join The Official Newagemugen 24/7 Discord Chatroom Now! XqZWtLC



**NEW** Join The Official Newagemugen 24/7 Discord Chatroom Now! 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Music 2 my ears XD i can already see that thecword is out. Ill be on when i get home 4 sure!


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