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Underground Mugen community specializing in advanced Mugen stages, screenpacks & Graphics

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Donate & Support Newagemugen!

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1default Donate & Support Newagemugen! Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:32 am



Donate & Support Newagemugen! OjtZ7W5
Money....Dineiro. Cheese. Bread. Pounds, Yen, Euros & Dollars...

2 decades ago, we started making Mugen and digital art on old broken computers.
we never imagined we would be still here today doing what we love with a passion - and it's all thanks to YOU!

As Above, So Below. As without, so within.
The key to Newagemugen's longevity lies with YOU - our fans, patreons and supporters.
You guys have kept Newagemugen alive.
The Mugen, Fighting Game & Art community has been generous to us - so we continue to do what we do.
Thanks to your donations and support via our Mugen/Art commission services, we still stand here today pushing Mugen and art to the future.

Don't get us wrong - we are NOT internet hobos, or vultures out to make a dollar.
We're just too damn good to be doing it free anymore lmao Twisted Evil

Any donation big or small means more to us than you will ever know, and NOTHING goes unnoticed or unrewarded Twisted Evil
Your donations and commission funds WONT be used to buy Doritoes and Mountain Dew, we can promise you that.
All funds received at newagemugen are contributed towards:

- our yearly  Domain name registration fees
- our account service/security fees (used to maintain/update our forum)
- Graphic design/resources/software & art related stuff we use to make the dank stuff we are known for
- Google analytics paid services/Search engine optimization to help promote our site and all our Newagemugen member's youtube channels.

Your generosity will not go unnoticed - whether you are a Mugen fan, long term follower of our work, or a content creator, we are more than willing to  use our website, Mugen skills and community to help you out in anyway possible! Real recognize real! Thanks again guys.


Donate & Support Newagemugen! XqZWtLC

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