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How to request help, advice & assistance regarding Mugen etc (paid/non-paid)

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How to request help, advice & assistance regarding Mugen etc (paid/non-paid) RjBqV68
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- Regarding general help inquiries and MUGEN help

How to request help, advice & assistance regarding Mugen etc (paid/non-paid) Li6NT9z

Newagemugen welcomes members of all levels of experience and skill.
However, it is worth noting our community is mainly comprised of proffessional Mugen creators,

 Digital artists, Graphic designers, and more, all with with extensive experience and knowledge in all matters of Mugen creation, digital art/VFX/aesthetics & motion graphics.

As far as offering general mugen help and guidance, Our community is unique in this regard:
We are not a community focused on/angled towards offering free general help like most other MUGEN websites.

This is not because we don't want to help beginners,
it is because in our opinion, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when other Mugen forums are already offering amazing Help sections!
There are 1000s of amazing Mugen creation guides, FAQs, & Tutorial sections available on every major mugen forum.
There are also many awesome Mugen Youtube Channels and Discord servers offering great Mugen creation assistance, help and guidance.

We encourage members seeking free help/assistance to try these great mugen help platforms readily available throughout the mugen community.
This allows us to focus our energies on offering more specialized assistance such as commissions, and cater to the Mugen fans who want exclusive, original content from some of the best of the best in the mugen underground community.

If you require more specific assistance and are interested in commissioning/finding a professional to assist you however, you can use our commissions request thread to post your requests here:

Mugen Paid help/Commission requests thread

For free help, try here:

Newagemugen free Help

Mugenguild Help

Mugenmultiverse Help

Mugenfreeforall Help

How to request help, advice & assistance regarding Mugen etc (paid/non-paid) 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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