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How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission

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How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission RjBqV68
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Newagemugen Community is full of experienced Mugen Coders, Graphic designers, artists - we are Digital professionals.
Unlike other mainstream Mugen websites and forums, our senior members and staff have industry experience and real world skills in the design industry.
We offer a safe environment for Mugen fans to request, hire and pay creators to create Mugen and art content.

If you want to sponsor a Mugen creator or an artist to help you with something, here are the easy steps:

1. First read, parts 1 - 5 of the Mugen commission guide:
Alternatively, individual direct links to all 5 parts of the commission guide are here:

2. Once you have read and understand the commission guides, post your request in the relevant request thread:

Post your Mugen commission requests here:

Post your art/graphic design requests here:

You must state:

1. What you want (character/stage/edit/artwork/screenpack/mugen help/other)
2. Your Budget in US Dollars ( paypal required)
    A Maximum budget must be specified.
    Please note this does not effect/relate to your actual commission cost)
3. Approximate Timeframe within which you require it finished
4. As much detail on the request as possible
5. Your Mugen version & PC Hardware Specs ( so creators know your PC can handle the created content as it will likely involve high-end digital designs).
6. Screenshots and/or videos as visual aids/examples wherever applicable
7. IF your commission is not for original content designed by us, and instead contains pre-existing images/sprite data that you specifically require integrated in your commission, Please confirm who is supplying the ripped sprites and how.
(ripping sprites/sounds/effects will be treated as additional labor/cost to the commission.)

SIDENOTE: When making character related requests, Don't ever assume a creator knows what you want or can read your mind. If referencing particular characters or franchises, assume that the creator is oblivious to said creation/character and provide as much info/details as possible.

How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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