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How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission

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How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission RjBqV68
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Newagemugen Community is full of experienced Mugen Coders, Graphic designers, artists - we are Digital professionals.
Unlike other mainstream Mugen  websites and forums, our senior members and staff have industry experience and real world skills in the design industry.
We offer a safe environment for Mugen fans to request, hire and pay creators to create Mugen and art content.

If you want to sponsor a Mugen creator or an artist to help you with something, here are the easy steps:

1. First read, parts 1 - 5 of the Mugen commission guide:
Alternatively, individual direct links to all 5 parts of the commission guide are here:

2. Once you have read and understand the commission guides, post your request in the relevant request thread:

Post your Mugen commission requests here:

Post your art/graphic design requests here:

You must state:

1. What you want (character/stage/edit/artwork/screenpack/mugen help/other)
2. Your Budget in US Dollars ( paypal required)
A Maximum budget must be specified.
    (Please note this does not effect/relate to your actual commission cost, however requests with no budget will not be treated as real)
3. Approximate Timeframe within which you require it finished
4. As much detail on the request as possible
5. Your Mugen version & PC Hardware Specs ( so creators know your PC can handle the created content as it will likely involve high-end digital designs).
6. Screenshots and/or videos as visual aids/examples wherever applicable
7. IF your commission is not for original content designed by us, and instead contains pre-existing images/sprite data that you specifically require integrated in your commission, Please confirm who is supplying the ripped sprites and how.
(ripping sprites/sounds/effects will be treated as additional labor/cost to the commission.)

SIDENOTE: When making character related requests, Don't ever assume a creator knows what you want or can read your mind. If referencing particular characters or franchises, assume that the creator is oblivious to said creation/character and provide as much info/details as possible.

How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission 28356897037_5be1f6146a_o
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I just wanted to say This is a great idea for mugen community.
We never had such a thing back when I was most active with mugen like this where you can hire professionals to help build your mugen.

How to Request a Mugen or Graphic Design Commission IuFetyD

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