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SonGoku 4.0 Project

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11.0/older characters SonGoku 4.0 Project Wed May 13, 2020 9:35 pm


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need help with this cinematic pls
the p2stateno in the mui cinematic is strange with certain characters
also this is the new version ignore the one in the video

21.0/older characters Re: SonGoku 4.0 Project Wed May 13, 2020 10:22 pm



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Please don't post in the wrong section please.
Moving this to projects section.

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31.0/older characters Re: SonGoku 4.0 Project Thu May 14, 2020 3:28 am



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Hey Noctis.
As per requested in the discord, I have done some Beta testing on your new Goku.

Now firstly, before you adress the issue regarding the cinematic you have, I would suggest fixing the other errors which may be breaking certain other things in the character, and if you dont fix them first, it may make it harder to fix the cinematic error you already have.
So lets start by lookiong at the mosst basic problems i noticed:

Character DEF file bugs:

The Biggest problem he has is simply this:

- no mugenversion specified
you need to specify if it is a winmugen/1.0 or 1.1 character in the def file first

- no localcoord specified
you need to specify the native localcoord for your char if it is for 1.0 or higher.
default is 320,240

-Multiple .DEF files - it isnt clear what the 2 different DEF files are for - you should explain this via a readme file when releasing so people will know.

And here's the rest to give you an idea.
Most of these are very easy to fix, and many are parsed by mugen 1.1 however, you should still know what they all mean and how to fix the ones that required fixing.
And if you want the character to be fully 1.0+ compatible then you really need to fix these:

Here is the full bug report:

So far he looks great as far as animations, effects and animation cutscenes, but he is full of state file errors, syntax errors and many other issues.
Most important issue you need to fix, is decide on which coding format you are creating him as - at the moment there is an odd mixture of Mugen Beta/1.0/winmugen coding standards which will cause problems for people in the future that are trying to use him as a 1.0 character or convert him to a 1.1 character.

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