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1Full Game (NBC Tv Series) HEROES MUGEN PROJECT Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:58 pm



Hello everyone! :) My name is FobiaZ, from Italy. I'm in the Mugen world for more than 10 years and someone could know me for my collaboration with Mugenpixart Team, an italian group which's developing Saint Seiya and Samurai Troopers mugen games. By the way I'm here to show some stuff about a personal mugen project, called HEROES MUGEN PROJECT.

My purpose is to create a 2d fighting game about HEROES, an American sci-fi tv drama series created by Tim Kring and appeared on NBC from 2006 to 2010. The story is about some people around the world who discover to have extraordinary abilities; while some of them hide the thing and try to have a normal life, others try to understand the origin and the reason of their powers. These individuals are destined to save the world, but they will have to guard their backs from a mysterious company that observes them behind the scenes, but above all, from a terrible serial killer who hunts for specials...

Actually my project is going very slowly. I'm working alone and I'm not an expert drawer, so I've searched some good SNK-like characters to use as "starters" for the game characters. The first character I've developed is the main character and my favourite, Peter Petrelli, althrough I hope to develop at least another character and release a first demo of the game. After that, if I'm lucky and I can find some help with the graphical part, I could reach the final goal of 9-12 characters in order to have a full game which tells the events of the first season of the show. Here below you can check the project's main updates, extimated characters and gameplay expectations:

= Project Updates =


[2018/01/15] Peter's preview video here

[2017/05/23] Peter's 2nd w.i.p. video here

[2016/03/13] Peter's 1st w.i.p. video here

[2014/07/15] Project Announcement & Peter's first draft here

= Extimated Characters =


- Peter Petrelli
- Nathan Petrelli
- Claire Bennet
- Noah Bennet
- Niki Sanders \ Jessica Sanders (double char, the 2nd version is unlockable)
- D.L. Hawkins
- Matt Parkman
- Hiro Nakamura
- Claude Rains (unplayable, trainer in training mode)
- The Haitian (unplayable, sub-boss)
- Candice (unplayable, sub-boss representing in mirror matches)
- Ted Sprague (unlockable)
- Sylar (unlockable, final boss)

= Gameplay Expectations =


- Unique Auto-Abilities for Characters (f.e. Health recovery for Claire, Immunity to time-based moves for Hiro etc.)

- Special Moves & Enhanced Moves (just like in the last MK games, no hypers)

- Breaker

- Clash Moves (just like in Injustice 2, maybe in the future)

- 1 Extraordinary Move for Character (a finishing move which could change in relation of character's palette\version)

- Story Mode with Unlockings (using Mugen Story Mode by Kamiloxnumetal)


Comment please! :)

Mirror topic on Mugen Fighters Guild .

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2Full Game Re: (NBC Tv Series) HEROES MUGEN PROJECT Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:38 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

(NBC Tv Series) HEROES MUGEN PROJECT 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Interesting concept.
I remember this TV show was very popular when it first came out.

Wow, it may take you many years to finish if you are all by yourself working on the project so good luck! ;)

This kind of reminds me of an old  fullgame project made by spriter/creator named SeanAlty.
His fullgame was called the "shades of manhattan project".

He used all original sprited characters with original storylines he made himself, aswell as some characters from other games,
but all originally sprited.

If you are looking for ideas/inspiration, maybe this might be interesting to you.

(NBC Tv Series) HEROES MUGEN PROJECT 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

3Full Game Re: (NBC Tv Series) HEROES MUGEN PROJECT Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:47 am


Thanks! I know it will take time, in fact I'll look for collaborators after the demo! :)

I already know Shades, and I plan to contact the author to purpose a collaboration someday, in fact some of his characters are similar to the ones I would make. Thanks for advice btw! ;)

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