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Marvel VS Capcom: Maximum - 4vs4 - Online Play

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Marvel VS Capcom: Maximum - 4vs4 - Online Play 49283851498_0631820187_o
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I been working hella hard on this project for like 3 years, mostly for myself cause i wanted to create the most badass mvc game i possibly can after that piece of garbage called MvC Infinite, and this was mostly for just me and my homeboys to play and it's so muh fucking fun! especially if it's 2 high level players.. But then I decided to want to share the build to everyone else and have online fights using parsec. So the work ive done is that I've edited about 80% of the chars to fight better, move better, do more badass shit, lots of practical changes, sometimes minor sometimes major.. I also created many chars that are private like Regina, Dazzler and more, So it's all private edits and private creations.  I also got a lot of stages I created that are unreleased, like a Onimusha Dawn of Dreams stage, and Megaman X2 Desert Highway and more.
The screenpack is designed by me, but it is using Ax2 screenpack as a template.  I made a credits page that says everyone's name in it, if you have absolutely any tiny bit of work in this your name is in, but if i miss someone i apologize.  The game is 4v4 but the folder comes with a 3v3 just in case if your computer can't handle 4v4, But 4v4 is the preferred way we play.  It's MvC 2 speed, 6 button, Assist OK takes bout 5 seconds rather than 1 second, you can tag MvC Infinite style where you can tag anytime even during supers for big damage or just wanna be cheap as hell which is the recommended way to play and win. Some characters have infinites, corner infinites, you could build a team that may have a unblockable set up, all that stuff is left in and encouraged. Tiers do exist in this game and so do matchups/having a bad matchup. Team building is very important when it comes to who your using as a assist and who you can tag into next.  for example a friend uses Gambit and Juggernaut as his 2nd, and when he gets me with Royal Flush he immediately tags into Juggernaut and does his Head Crush and its guarenteed 80 percent maybe fatal, and that is a simple ass strategy but its still effective and beats me all the time with it.  With this many chars that have been edited to fight better there are endless teams you can come up with. I got like 50 different teams and strategies lol

But here some gameplay, Its me vs IkeIsLegend.  We using Parsec to play online.

I just gave the lifebars a edit and I'm currently making the credits page.  But after that I'm good to release the 1.0 version

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Marvel VS Capcom: Maximum - 4vs4 - Online Play 52117799409_ab650ff4e9_o
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The video looks cool and as much as i'd love to read the text you wrote to learnm more about it, im gonna need to ask you a favor:

Can you pleeeeeeease space, paragraph and spread all that text out so its easy to read?

Its kinda hard when you lump it all together back to back. Then ill promise to read it XD

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