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Forum Category changes Overview

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To avoid any confusion among returning & long-term members, Here is a summary of our Forum Category changes and improvements effective as of January 2018

N.A.M Headquarters
- Our main control room. Rules, forum information, announcements and important things to do with the site and community will be discussed and managed here.

Mugen Universe & Mugen Monastery
- The mugen section has been split into 2 parts to simplify things.
- Mugen Universe covers downloads only. Mugen Monastery covers everything else mugen related.
- Mugen screenshots and video topics have been removed from mugen discussion thread and moved to a new dedicated thread called mugen cinema. This will free up room in the discussion thread and help members promote thier youtube channels better.

**New thread "The Gold Selection"
- "found releases thread" replaced with new thread "The Gold Selection"
-  Rather than reporting general found releases as is traditionally done on most mugen forums, this new thread will focus only on top quality releases, rare releases and noteworthy creations from all over the mugen community and the world.

Multimedia Museum
- As the name suggests, this covers multimedia ie gaming music, movies, anime, & TV.
- The Graphic design and resources threads also reside here now.

The Outer limits
- We finally have a General Discussion thread!
- Random topic thread has been split into 2 threads - General discussion and "Shadow Realm".
- Topics originally in the random topic thread relating to multimedia were moved to the multimedia museum thread.
- General discussion thread covers Everything else not covered in other threads.
- All the ooky spooky Dank R18 NSFW insane topics now live solely in "the shadow realm" thread - enter at your own risk.

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