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TagWars_Public NEW UPDATE

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1Full Game TagWars_Public NEW UPDATE Mon Jun 26, 2023 1:54 pm



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Hello hello,

🕹️ So, listen up, folks. TagWars is getting some rad new stuff, but, you know the drill, expect some bumps along the way. Bugs and glitches might crash the party, but don't sweat it – we'll have 'em fixed up sooner than you can say "pixel power-up"! 💥🐛

Remember, we're all about community fun. Swing by our Discord and jump into some Radmin server action. And guess what? Weekends are our playground – I'll be your game host over on Parsec! Full-blown TagWars action, folks! 🎉🎮🚀

Update 08/08/2023  

A few new chars added with custom edits, aside from the chars we have a new major change to the games mechanics.

🛡️ Defensive Update Alert! Introducing the awesome Guard Dash Cancel! 🛑 Feeling the pressure? Just tap that dash or backdash while blocking, and watch yourself slip out of that tight spot. It's only gonna nibble 1/3 of your guard meter. Go on, dance your way to safety! 💃🕺

🔥 Offensive Playtime! Hold onto your controllers for the Offensive Drive Attack Cancel! 🎮 After a regular attack, kick it up a notch with a dash. But be ready to share 45% of your guard meter with this flashy move. Airborne moves? Yep, they're in too, but they'll cost you 1/3 of your guard meter. Fly high and strike hard! 🚀🤜💥

⚡ And remember, champs, keep an eye on that guard meter. If you go too wild and it runs dry, you'll find yourself sizzling in Burnout Mode. 🍔🔥 But no worries – it'll bounce back once your guard meter hits the 50% mark. So get out there, own the arena, and keep the flames of victory burning bright! 🎉🎮🏆🔥

NOTICE* This video does not cover new mechanics implemented into the game.

Download - Public - TagWars

Discord: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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2Full Game Re: TagWars_Public NEW UPDATE Tue Jun 27, 2023 10:07 pm



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The future of competitive online Ikemen full games looks promising.

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