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Armin_iuf's Characters

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11.0/older characters Armin_iuf's Characters Tue Nov 02, 2021 4:04 am



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Armin_iuf (often mistakenly named as "Armin_Luf") is a character and full-game creator from the MMV (MugenMultiverse) community since 2014, with a very particular art style, often seeming quite similar to less reputable content creators (such as Chuchoryu), as they all seem to have this cartoonish/pseudo-cartoon style to them.

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Not gonna lie, I think his Brad Vickers/Zombie Brad is rather cool, the mode-switch function is awesome.

However, unlike the less reputable people of the MUGEN community, he's more along the lines of being an odd one out, similar to TonyADV (known for creating a massive set of Neon Genesis Evangelion characters) or Binho (known for creating cartoon versions of Mortal Kombat characters). Anyways, what can be said about Armin_iuf, is that all of his characters aren't bad, but also aren't good either. They're sort of that "when nothing else exists, here's where you turn to" category, ya know?

As someone with much more tolerance for the creations that don't stand up to the scrutiny and demand of higher quality characters (such as those made by OHMSBY, RicePigeon, and others), I can say, from an honest opinion, that I personally enjoy all of Armin_iuf's creations, even if some of them could use a bit of a polishing.

Overall, his content is worth downloading... if nobody else has created anything better, which unfortunately, for a lot of games and ideas... nobody has actually made anything better.

So... with all that aside, and all the reviewing over, let's take a look at some of his works.

Here we can see a look at all 3 of his Streets of Rage characters, and honestly, they're not too shabby.

Here is where you can see the art style that I mentioned above be much more prominent, as Shadowgeist does indeed look rather cartoonish.

Once again, more of that same art style. Not sure what it is, but a lot of people have been doing this lately.

He's also done a rather interesting full-game for Dino Crisis... however, it uses a lot of Resident Evil sound effects.

So, now that you've seen what Armin_iuf does... my question for you is, are you interested in playing with or against his creations? Well, if so... you can access the original links through his [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] page listing or in the event that his links have gone down, you can check out all of mine below:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

So yeah, that is everything he's created so far. My guess is, he's no longer active anymore, since his last post was in 2020, but maybe he is still around, but hasn't made anything new yet... who knows.

All that matters anymore in my life... are cats... and MUGEN.

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These are all creations from very nostalgic games.
I remember my cousins had a copy of dino crisis when i was very young. Its a warm fuzzy feeling to see people remake things based on these old games once upon a time

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