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ActJapan's Characters

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11.0/older characters ActJapan's Characters Mon Nov 01, 2021 8:32 am



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ActJapan is a veteran Japanese character creator, whom is specifically known for making some of the best versions of King of Fighters characters, more specifically the versions from 2000 to 2003, but he's also done characters from the '98 and '99 versions of King of Fighters and some from other SNK games, such as Samurai Shodown. He's also done some AI patches for other people's characters, most of which turn them into deadly killers. But sadly, ain't much else could be found on him, and his AI patches no longer exist, as they disappeared with his website/blog, which no longer seems to exist either (I couldn't find a link to it anywhere).

Nonetheless, a big shoutout to Mr. ActJapan, thank you for making some remarkable characters, they will never be forgotten (hopefully). As a collector of the many, here is the entire roster of characters he has made, including some extremely rare ones, which were only obtainable from a password protected getuploader (that I spent close to a week trying to figure out the password to).

Oh, and of course, here's the videos to show off some of these characters...

I got to hand it to King, she got the moves! If there's one lady that can kick your head off your body, it'd be her.

Ya, for the longest time, I thought Robert was SNK's version of Dan (from Street Fighter).

He did a fantastic job with Earthquake, even though, I'll be honest... Earthquake still looks as dumb as ever.

...well how about that? Three fantastic characters from the even more fantastic ActJapan.

Get them [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

All that matters anymore in my life... are cats... and MUGEN.

21.0/older characters Re: ActJapan's Characters Mon Nov 01, 2021 9:55 am



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Now that's a name I didn't think I would ever hear in Mugen ever again.
I can still remember downloading things his old windows xp looking website

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