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New Characters Patch from BlAck HaCkEr [July 2010]

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New Characters Patch from BlAck HaCkEr [July 2010] 29630307338_927318ed53_o
Hi all. I found patch from my friend BlAcK HaCkEr, and I want help him for release in here.

1. Hh's CvS Iori-Orochi Iori patch
New release from my friend. This patch for fixed all AIR file, CNS file, and CMD file when not accurate and some bug. Read at file "Readme first.txt" for more information.

2. Warusaki3 SvC Characters Ex Separator

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This patch as separator between SvC Normal characters with SvC Ex characters, especialy for SvC Ryu and SvC Mr.Karate. Number of SvC Ryu and SvC Mr.Karate Def file become 3 Def file.

svcryu : Ryu-Evil Ryu in 1 Def file.
svcryu_n : only normal Ryu.
svcryu_ex : only Evil Ryu.

svckarate : Karate-Seriously Karate (Karate II) in 1 Def file.
svckarate_n : only normal karate (Ryo with mask).
svckarate_ex : only Seriously Karate/Mr.Karate II (father of Ryo).

3. Final Fantasy characters patch

A very old release, but he forgot release into he's hosted mugen site. There are 5 patch for FF mugen characters (Yuna, Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, and Rydia). I forgot function of this patch. So, read first time in readme file.

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(from media fire page, select "Patch")

Sorry, if you dont understand with my english. But obviously, try use this patch for it.

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