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Preview 2 for gt vegeta vs super vegeta

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1default Preview 2 for gt vegeta vs super vegeta Fri Dec 11, 2020 10:38 pm

Lou Man

Preview 2 for gt vegeta vs super vegeta 2GPpdMR
Sorry for any lack of updates. School has just been hammering in all these assignments. Il definitely get the ball rolling and add in the hit sparks once winter breaks starts.                                                                                                              

Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

Preview 2 for gt vegeta vs super vegeta 49241500477_6b04bc7f46_o

We are your best friends here at Newagemugen for reviewing and giving feedback on stuff because we are brutally honest and pull no punches!
Even though you are busy with school, you should not rush your videos.
So here's my feedback

- You dont have to make a new thread everytime you post a video.
Just post them all in one thread Just rename this topic "lou mans mugen animation videos" or whaterver.
- The first thing you need to do is fix all of your background images.
- The sky is terrible quality and I can see the pixelation.
- Next you need to be careful how you resize your characters in some scenes.
 Vegeta looks like he has been squashed towards the end because you resized him in a strange
 manner. you arent maintaining the aspect ratio.
- And yeah you reeeally need to fix the hitsparks for your next video

Here's an example of a flash animation with high quality background images

You can learn alot from watching this video.
How the camera pans, the effects used, and the way the text boxes are so tidy etc

Lou Man

Preview 2 for gt vegeta vs super vegeta 2GPpdMR
Thank you. I'm still getting used to threads so I will keep that noted. The backgrounds are the thing that I have the most trouble with. I usually just extract the backgrounds with fighter factory, but would you happen to have tips for making the quality good? Thank you for the criticism.

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