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Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL]

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Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] SPOGNVp
If you're like me and grew up as a kid in SE Asia, chances are you have heard or even played an arcade card game called "Animal Kaiser". These bad boys right here are my tribute to said game. Do keep in mind that they're not an exact replica of the game's [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] whatsoever, as i have taken a lot of creative liberty in translating the aesthetics to MUGEN's environment.

Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] Mugen284
Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] Mugen283

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

That's it for now folks, back to lurking mode for me.

Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] 49241500477_6b04bc7f46_o
interesting indeed.
I can't say I don't like the general look of these.
Good job.
I think I have seen videos of this game before.
Only thing I dont like is that your simul mode and your single mode displaces the powerbar too much.

You should move it either up much higher or have it at the bottom.
Im guessing you didnt put it at the bottom because you use characters with built in bars which makes sense.

P.S no need to lurk.
We don't bite.



Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] 50086984306_129c06f147_o
what a crazy looking game haha (the arcade one this is based off i mean).

Some very obscure but interesting lifebars indeed.

I can't say I am a fan of the powerbar being dead centre in the middle of the screen, but I see why you did it

Animal Kaiser (Inspired) Lifebars [1.1 / OpenGL] P21sO8E

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