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Unfinished business

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1default Unfinished business Sat Nov 28, 2020 11:19 pm


Unfinished business GlDVwFc
I'm Joe. My boy and I just started working together on a MUGEN project. My younger brother brought MUGEN to my attention in 2006 or 2007 with no limit. We half assed around with it for a summer or so while my boy toddled around and watched. I thought one day I would make a complete fighting game that satisfied the itch like MvC2 did, both after it's release, and for years after. In retrospect, MvC2 probably would have satisfied longer had I not discovered MUGEN.
Fast forward to last week. Finally moved to our forever home(I'm AD Navy, so my kids have lived the brat life, moving to a new place every 3 years or so and my wife was born a brat) and my son, who had recently been learning some new coding, started asking me about MUGEN. I still had all the files, and he'd already started with 1.1.
So it begins. I expect to relearn a fair amount, and learn a lot more. I hope my son learns faster.

2default Re: Unfinished business Sun Nov 29, 2020 2:24 am

Filthy Fredo

Filthy Fredo

Unfinished business 32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
Welcome to NAM (NewAgeMugen) and all that stuff.

If your lookin to learn the advanced stuff, your in the right place.
If not, prepare for a headache l3l

3default Re: Unfinished business Sun Nov 29, 2020 5:56 am



Unfinished business 29630307338_927318ed53_o
Hello there and nice to meet you :-)
A father and son duo eh? sounds like fun^^
It's alway fun to work on things together, especially with our close friends and family.
I look forward to seeing what you and your son come up with!

4default Re: Unfinished business Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:31 am


Unfinished business GlDVwFc
I haven't been through every thread in here yet, but it seems like there are tons of folks knowledgeable enough to point me in the right direction, even for beginner stuff. My son and I haven't really discussed the end game, but I have a few ideas and will likely solicit some inputs and lessons learned from the community.
I'm not likely to be a huge contributor to the community just based on my expectations for our project, but if beginner info is sparse/hard to find in NAM or elsewhere, would it be useful for me to post or share links of what I find and work with here?

5default Re: Unfinished business Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:49 pm



Unfinished business 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Welcome to NAM bro!

Damn, No limit, now thats a trip down memory lane 4 sure!
Well Mugen has changed quite a chunk since those days, but all for the better.

We're a bit of a niche within the Mugen community as a whole as we focus more on the advanced shizz here as opposed to the other forums, but earlier this year we did start working on a beginners section to help newcomers pick up the engine with the most accurate knowledge that other forums either dont know/are a bit ignorant to.

I'd suggest creating your own project thread here where you can post updates and plan your project in pur WIP/commissions section here:

also, since you are returning to the scene, I would suggest giving this a read aswell. Its a summary on where the mugen engine is at now and how it has evolved:

hope that helps and enjoy ya stay!


6default Re: Unfinished business Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:40 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Unfinished business 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Late but welcome

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