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New Crazy Mugen made by EmperorDjShadow and OldGamer

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New Crazy Mugen made by EmperorDjShadow and OldGamer SPOGNVp
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Based off of the hit Sega arcade game Crazy Taxi, this screen pack captures many features/references from the original game and made into a Crazy Taxi Theme for the Mugen software. This screen pack is a birthday gift for me from my great friend & favorite Mugen creator OldGamer. The story behind it, is that OldGamer was playing on an emulator and had it hovering over the Dreamcast emulator. We then discussed about how Mugen didn't have anything related to Crazy Taxi on the archive, we decided that we would make it our mission to make this screen pack. Thanks to OldGamer for giving me this screen pack as a gift, I have decided to pass on this gift for everyone to play.

Screen pack includes:
-Mugen 1.1 Software
-138 Character Slot (Would recommend this if you have a low end pc)
-700 Character Slot (586 on the select screen. 285 are hidden characters. Recommended if you have a gaming pc)
-Divine KFM Character by Divine Wolf
-Haunted House Stage by OldGamer

Announcer - Vultyrex
Coder - OldGamer
Screenpack Idea - EmperorDjShadow

Special thanks: Sega Gaming Corp. for making this videogame and for inspiring my childhood.

This project was being used by emulators, sound ripping programming,
ReDream Emulator (Sega Dreamcast Emulator)
Gimp Image Editor Software
Fighter Factory 3.0
Screen pack was made for 1.1 and supports only OpenGL

Video Demonstration of the screenpack

Click the spoiler to see the images

Download located here
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

New Crazy Mugen made by EmperorDjShadow and OldGamer 51937087073_50975dcb2f_o
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Your video link is broken.

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Ok! CrazyMugen is New Link!


New Crazy Mugen made by EmperorDjShadow and OldGamer Wcz4RWt
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Here We GO!!! LOL

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