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Capcom Mugen Screen Pack 1.1 Release by OldGamer

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Capcom Mugen Screen Pack 1.1 Release by OldGamer 42451059065_c5b3f655dd_o

Capcom Mugen Screen Pack 1.1 Release by OldGamer RuGYeU6

Download located here at Google Drive
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History Background

the history of this screen pack started in 2017 after Crusadercast website shut down and a  Mugen fan was seeking me out and asked requested that I should make a Capcom theme for it. I told him that they already made way too many Capcom themes for the Mugen software. I did made an intro for it by ripping the resources from Namco X Capcom and using fonts for the title screen then I stopped doing it because my best friend told me that I should never go what they asked me and I should create what make me happy. And now I got bored and I had nothing better to do and so I decided to make it anyways amd  yes I'm not a fan of Capcom games of this New Generations but I did like few of the old game made by capcom. like Son Son, Captain Commando and Bionic Commando and Megaman and Street fighter One. So  I took and ripped most of the resources from all the classic games from Capcom most of the sources were ripped from the games itself most of the majority were made from PS2 Emulator, Mame Emulator, Winkawaks, Nebula emulator and The Game Boy Advance Emulator.

Don't use Vselect for the Category Select screen. you need to add the Mugen character Manually
Caution of the Screen Pack Behavior
Don't Freak out the Screen pack is Loading High Res RGB Sprite for the Intro Screen, Menu Screen and Ending Credit Screen, its take at least 1 min per loading the RGB Sprite for the Screen pack

The screen pack is 640X480 Stander Resolution
The screen pack come with 20 MUGEN 1.1 STAGES
The screen pack come with its own lifebars,Intros, and Survival result screen, Continue screen and more
The screen pack come with Add-on folder of 96 SLOTS , 296 SLOTS AND 600 Category screen



Capcom Mugen Screen Pack 1.1 Release by OldGamer RjBqV68
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Capcom Mugen Screen Pack 1.1 Release by OldGamer 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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