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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17) 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17) Y4m_kWGwBHRwGBGehOIc-6-lwSk6MGWWcmfECyVb2uRPMkfwNPaGB6lPFQu6oH_aXQRTJePeiagTw7fbXcVUGAtEvtz8LzFPh3VBW6Fv6kg40QA1tA5UGXa4OKR9SgumdutfvMvX6ggVWVC2tYHxYWb1wQd63aDCx8U_0jrVH7ElTkeZ5Q8BSEjen89U18BOQh70kk082bN3yoh-C4crplp2w?width=1280&height=720&cropmode=none Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17) Y4mpSja_vuHXUS0tavmWSzkigMUTenUrN8HzNnUHUlYbmlDHDqrU-1BZbM5ra-Em8gWSWGv6ySZMaMPAgSxcx25HsNv7T7z2YXFtI42ydOt0vUYNmUo2tTlkcqNo3ZcsIJ3lRJ5DykzjOhTAZJVsjZWHPLuwdLXTSZ7yV2evRNNyj47ow1-5frV6I_mvJ_rYLYc7XUfG-meaPC5sln0WYdK8w?width=1280&height=720&cropmode=none Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17) Y4m4frzJQGaIiQX-DvhSwHvkni3fima00GiS5Lc_uQKNL9JdHNi_a-SmKA5RAMChoPjpGXZfAonHht5K0wFokkbc28kjaCvcBXN1xkXmrPyPqSw5ahk5wA8hrFr2Qnk86GthJmdiOZMc9PUReIcaXTFD5iUFepDDviabDtAm_pCLPSL9ZN2Lwk4aRm-_RxcQmro_dSBg1ZYsPSLxeafJK7-bw?width=1280&height=720&cropmode=none

Authors Notes:
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle -
Autor - Rayzo
Mugen - 1.1 OpenGL
Resolution - 1280,720
Localcoord = 390,240
THANKS : Tester Shichibukai & Excahm

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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle 95% By Rayzo (31.12.17) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o


This wasnt really a screenpack it was just some lifebars either he removed it or never had a screenpack made since his onedrive have only the lifebars shown on the pic.

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