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Mugen Creations By NeoGouki

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11.0/Older LR stage Mugen Creations By NeoGouki Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:54 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

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Mugen Creations By NeoGouki EYh6ZnA

NeoGouki is one of the oldest known mugen content creators - being involved in the mugen since at least December of 1999.
He has long since retired from Mugen, with his official website last receiving an update in 2002.

Mugen Creations By NeoGouki Op7Unnq   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki 7nM9JPz   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki 1XRIRY7

NeoGouki is best known for his website "NeoGouki's Mugen Creations" which hosts over 100 low res Mugen stages which are direct conversions from the majority of all Capcom CPS2 games & 90s NEOGEO/SNK Titles and such.

Mugen Creations By NeoGouki MVS5s0l   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki OkGrnGX   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki 2VikA5L

If you are a 2D Capcom/SNK game fan, Despite how long you have been in the mugen scene, chances are extremely high that you have directly or indirectly used/seen a stage made by NeoGouki. NeoGoukis stages still serve as the base for many edits/remakes/fullgame compilations to this very day. Worth noting is he was also a character creator, with 9 characters to his name and several never released WIPs. His website and downloads are still online today.

Mugen Creations By NeoGouki O7tUbFg   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki G83WKp7   Mugen Creations By NeoGouki JtcF3rZ

Also Worth Noting, as NeoGoukis stages were all created back during the primordial era of DOSmugen/WinMugen (1999-2002), Cybaster (another well known Veteran creator) released a series of stage patches for NeoGoukis work which fixes various errors/bugs when using the stages in Mugen 1.0 & above.

Notes from Cybaster on these corrections & patches can be found here. (Download links will be included below)
Cybaster's Patch Notes:
Hi guys, this is the first part of an upcoming series of patches for various Mugen stages out there.
You know that many old yet great creators have retired, thus will probably never update their old works to be fully compatible with the new Mugen 1.0.
While Mugen 1.0 aims at being as retro compatible as possible, there are still a few things that aren't parsed identically, and will produce stage bugs which weren't happening in DOS Mugen nor Winmugen.

After fixing one of NeoGouki's stages in MFG's Development Help section, I figured it would be nice to be sure all his stages are fully functionnal in Mugen 1.0, hence the presence of this patch. :)

All the stages originate from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] the patch only includes the DEF file, so you will need to go to NeoGouki's website to grab the SFF.
Only the stages listed thereafter have been patched to fix something. Consider all other stages to work in Mugen 1.0 as they used to in Winmugen, i.e. bugless.
Also, I have added to all the DEF files displayname and author parameters. This doesn't break anything in Winmugen, and allows stage interaction with Mugen 1.0.

Here's a list of the changes/fixes :

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty
METRO (Metro City skyline, SFZ2):
- Fixed Y tilespacing parameter making the stage look buggy in Mugen 1.0.

CYCLISTS (Beijing rush hour, SFZ2):
- Fixed X tilespacing, for the sake of good coding.

VENICE (Love in Venice, SFZ2):
- Changed shadows so they match the stage better.

BUGLE (Across the Daily Bugle, MSH):
- Fixed shadows appearing badly.
- Fixed X and Y tilespacings making the stage look completely buggy.

AVALON (Avalon, X-Men CotA):
- Fixed X and Y tilespacings that generated some graphical bugs.

CHINA (On a Chinese River, KOF 98):
- Fixed the foreground rail axis.
- Fixed X tilespacing, for the sake of good coding.

DOL_TS (Dead or Live, X-Men vs SF):
- Fixed a slight misalignment due to HR resolution conversion.

BIRTHDAY (Happy Birthday Eliza, SFZ2):
- Changed bounds to fix little pixel problem in HR.
- Changed shadows so they match the stage better.

MIDNIGHT (Midnight Bliss, Pocket Fighters):
- Using reflection instead of shadows.

HIGHWAY (Highway Interception, SFZ2):
- Changed resetbg to 0.

FROZEN01 (Frozen Factory, KOF 2K):
- Using reflection instead of shadows.

SPAIN (Mi Casa es su Casa, SFZ3):
- Added zoffsetlink so the players follow the shaking of the floor during the intro.

FACTORY, FROZEN02 (Factory, KOF2k - Frozen Shipyard, KOF 2k) :
- Just added the author and displayname parameters, for possible intro with Kula
The stages which really needed fixing here were Metro, Bugle and Avalon, with completely messed up tiling.

Here's the link : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Section "Other".

Next patch will probably be for POTS' stages, as I noticed the parallaxed floor in his MGS stage is completely fucked up in 1.0 when jumping.
Stay tuned. ;)


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Mugen Creations By NeoGouki 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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