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MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations

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1Mugen creator Website MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations Sun Oct 10, 2021 7:20 am



MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations 50086984306_129c06f147_o
MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations EsJr6GZ
MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations

MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations R0C4u8oMUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations 9ntE1Q3MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations EpC5Nni

MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations JdQldO2

Check out MUGENJIN's Official Website here
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Jin, aka Mugenjin is a retired Veteran Japanese M.U.G.E.N character creator from the early days of the Winmugen Engine. He is best known for his King Of Fighters Mugen character creations during the mid-late 2000s, and is widely recognized as being one of the founding fathers of what has become the KOF Mugen character scene we know of today. He was active in the Mugen scene since atleast 2006, possibly longer, finally retiring after his last and final character updates in December 2010.

Jin was a diehard KOF franchise fan. As a mugen creator, his passion was shown in the frequency of his character updates. He openly expressed his love and fandom for the franchise, particularly regarding the home console versions of KOF games which included extras like arrange BGMs that were not present in the arcade versions he played in Japanese arcades at the time quote:

The first thing that impressed me when I bought the console version of KOF games were the number of arranged BGMs.
Fatal Fury 3 Terry's song, AOF2 Yuri's song, Fatal Fury SP Duck's song, KOF97 Shingo's song ...
Everything about these BGMs are godly.
At least I think so......No, really.

It is amazing that dedicated BGMs were prepared even for characters added in the PS2 version.
But I can't help but shake my head trying to figure out what happened with SVC in 2003....
It was probably because of internal circumstances at SNK...

However, XI has really changed from the previous KOF games.
The foundation has changed, and the things you can do have increased dramatically.

He created characters and a small number of Mugen portrait and lifebar addons which he uploaded to his personal Japanese Mugen blog/website
He relocated to his own personal domain in 2007,, which is still live today despite his retirement in 2010.
His website shared various other KOF and Mugen creation related FAQ guides.

MUGENJIN's character creation process and style was centered around solidarity, balance, and source accuracy within the limits and capabilities of Mugen.He had extensive detailed notes on his character creation process on his site.

MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations QcuiL2rMUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations ZVpofSL

While his creations may not be considered revolutionary dropping by Modern day mugen standards, MUGENJIN's KOF character creations have ended up becoming the blueprint and base edits for 100s (and that number is still rising as of the 2020s) of KOF characters that would follow.

Countless notable KOF mugen character creators, character editors in all the major Korean, North/South American and Chinese Mugen scenes have used his characters and their coding as a base. His name is well known and respected even by younger generation KOF mugen community fans to this day.

His mini blog posts in Japanese also give some interesting insight into early Mugen history and what the mindset of creators was during the early days as far as whether what they were doing was legal or not as far as sprite ripping and copyrights.
He shared his personal views and predictions regarding the future of Mugen and how being a Japanese Mugen creator during a time of 2D fighting game resurgence, felt like "walking on a legality tight-rope" referring to the feeling he could have his site and all its work taken down in an instant by the gaming corporations. Quote:

The characters I distribute here use SNKPLAYMORE's images, sounds, and other things, so it is copyright violation to my heart's content.  Of course, if SNKPLAYMORE says "stop", this site will disappear with a single blow. It's like walking a tightrope made from a spider's thread. However, as long as MUGEN users exist all over the world, companies may think that they have no choice but to give up. ... who knows.

I don't know what will happen to MUGEN in the future, but sprite ripped characters will still be created, and it may cause some friction.
I think it is important to take a cautious stance when engaging in MUGEN so that it does not happen.

… But the first person to ever think about ripping sprites is amazing.
Cutting out hundreds of images one by one in dot units ... Wow, I don't want to think about it.
I'm sure the companies were surprised too.
And NO it wasn't me!

Like many other veteran Japanese mugen creators, Jin sadly faded from the mugen scene ever too soon, falling into obscurity not without leaving behind a solid Mugen legacy which has continued to pave the path for new fans and aspiring creators til this day.
A well deserved entrant in the Mugen hall of fame.

MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations CN6LlWb
Download All MUGENJIN's official work here
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Mediafire Link
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getuploader Link
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MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations P21sO8E

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2Mugen creator Website Re: MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations Tue Oct 12, 2021 2:13 am



MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations OjtZ7W5
Well said, he is another favorite all time great. Always dl his characters. Build my personal Mugen, around his works. So awesome

3Mugen creator Website Re: MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:40 am



MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations 50086984306_129c06f147_o
big facts.
Everytime I see some beefed up ex-kyo edit or AD yagami edit i always laugh when i lookin the .def to see they didn't even bother removing the orig author name "Jin" lmao.

But yeah salute this man.
Got to remember the elder lords that laid the foundations for the mugen generations no cap.

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MUGENJIN's KOF Mugen Creations 39617182812_da9b58ffc9_o

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