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Trunks (Movie 9) Version 2.0 By Chrono_Strife (aka Chronan) Released (12/26/2017)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Trunks (Movie 9) Version 2.0 By Chrono_Strife (aka Chronan) Released (12/26/2017) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o
Recent AI gameplay video vs LegendTTA's Goku Black:

Mugen Version: MUGEN 1.1b (requires OpenGL Rendermode)
Programming: Chrono_Strife
Sprites: Benhazard, Jedi, Mephisopholes, and a tiny bit of extras by Chrono_Strife

Features: Transformation, big hair, ripped sleeves(on some pal options), and classic Trunks supers vs DBS Supers depending on even/odd pals, Pal 9 is SSj God and pal 12 is Villainous(Xenoverse).
My website died, so I can't link the ReadMe, but the ReadMe is all redone as well so it should be more readable now, and it scale with browser windows.

Recommended "data/mugen.cfg" Settings:
LayeredSpriteMax = 1024 or greater
ExplodMax = 1024 or greater
HelperMax = 56
RenderMode = OpenGL

Authors Notes:
Let me know if his beams don't hit(i'm mostly worried about giant boss type characters, and super tiny characters), any debug errors, infinites, bad damage values, or anything else that's wrogng obviously. Also if he tanks your FPS at any point let me know, the FX and beams use recursion and do heavy explod spawning. He basically requires OpenGL mode, I think he'll run without it, but the FX will be ugly, and the beams might not render correctly(heat dome especially).
I want to iron out as much of his "system" crap before I make the template.

Trunks' transformation boosts attack damage, and speed, at the cost of energy efficiency, it also unlocks some supers and chain attacks. See Readme for more info. He also gets a small damage boost to physical or energy attacks depending on his enemy and/or team ally.

Additional Authors Notes ! ! !:
Trunks was a project to develop a series of personalized standards to speed up future character development. I rushed the release a tiny bit to get him out on Xmas, but as is he should be fine.
So things that are completely overdone for my sake that I am hoping people don't notice during gameplay are:
-FX and Hit Sparks all tied to a CommonFX helper code file, most work like pseudo-particle emitters based off recursion by feeding "parameter state variables" to an "Emitter state". Most FX are single image sprites giving the illusion of animation.
-Single color FX pals are all normalized in his SFF so I can change colors at will or make rainbow crap, which I was saving for a possible Ginyu.
-Raycast style Energy Beam System for angled/rotating over time lasers(no CLSN work requried), Zoom breakage prevention, and future beam struggles.
-Helper Proj hit detection on Beams and Helper Proj.
-Scalable damage/speed system so I can keep all my characters closely balanced based off my ideals, and change values on transformtion and mode supers and Unique Passives intended for a fullgame. (but let me know if he hits too hard or too weak, to slow/too fast).

I'm sure there are alot of kinks I need to iron out, so if any weird stuff happens or beams don't seem to hit certain characters let me know. (I'd expect beams could be janky on giant full screen boss type characters, or super small Candy Vegetto sized characters). My ultimate hope for the beams is they feel exactly like the classic static beams I used to do.
Next major tests after feedback on this guy are:
#1. Template transfer test #1. Want to see if I can finish the template-transferred test character within 2 weeks of starting him.
#2. Gameplay update(using Piccolo and Nail as tests), which will be:
-More Common.cns changes.
-Gameplay changes: Pursuits(partially done but disabeld in Trunks cmd), Flash Battles, Super Beam/Blast Struggles, defensive abilities(dodges, parrys, energy shields, and maybe ki deflection for dashes/pursuits/rush supers/and lv3 super charges) fixing CMD commands to be more suited to controllers than keyboards(im assuming there's going to be a difference atm), learning how to properly do charge attacks(with my thumb first), state numbering structure for basic AI. And other basic fighting gameplay details that I don't know but everyone expects.
-StageVars for Sky Stages, Space Stages, and Underwater Stages, possible cold stages to for breath effects and hit ground sounds. (for possible future use)

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(large filesize is do to the 2 SNDs included, one English and one Japanese)

Trunks (Movie 9) Version 2.0 By Chrono_Strife (aka Chronan) Released (12/26/2017) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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