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Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10

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1Tool Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10 Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:33 am



Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10 49283851498_0631820187_o
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VirtuallTek wrote:
Hello and Merry Christmas!

I'm releasing now, the first third-party editor for Mugen 1.0. This isn't a front-end, don't use any Mugen tools.

The history of this tool and the purpose of this release is below:

Z-CharCAD is a popular Mugen character, stage, ... editor for WinMugen (until the release of Fighter Factory), developed by Aziz Vicentini (my friend).
After the version 7, I took over the development of the program.
After the terrible version 8 (my first public work on Mugen), I decided to make a new version with big features. This version became the Fighter Factory.
In honor of my friend Aziz, and to provide a tool for the new and unexplored Mugen 1.0, I am providing the Z-CharCAD 9 Beta 1.

Some points to observe:
- This is the first BETA version. Is for test purposes, and is no guarantee that your data is safe.
- Obviously, this supports only Mugen 1.0. Features of unreleased versions of Mugen isn't supported (FF3 will take this).
- I'm working on FF3, and the program will not be released before the Mugen 1.1.
- I'm working on a better and efficient algorithm for LZ5 compression. The current implementation is a bit less efficient than SprMaker, but works fine.
- ZCC is a very simple editor, it never will take the features of Fighter Factory, but is very versatile, allowing the user to create chars, stages, fonts, and more for Mugen 1.0, and exclusively for Mugen 1.0.
- Some new features of FF3 are present in this version.
- This version not provide information about the error highlighted in the text editor. QT has a bug and doesn't show the tool tip.

- Support for Mugen 1.0 (UTF-8, SFF 2.00)
- Create and edit characters, stages, fonts, among others
- GIF improvements (loop and timing accuracy, more compression)
- DEF, CMD, CNS, ST, TXT in one editor
- Code editor with unlimited multi-tab (closable, movable)
- Hi-Res support
- Zoom out (50 and 25%)
- Scroll-aware (exchange tabs, sliders, zoom with the mouse wheel)
- Multi-select CLSNs
- Palette remap
- Issues (errors and issues found on loading) - thus, see that the Elecbyte KFM has syntax errors in the AIR, lines 963, 1567, 1568, 1574 and 1575, with wrong Clsn declarations :P
- Advanced syntax highlight with syntax checking (incomplete - FF3 feature preview :D)
- Uses Nokia QT framework (Linux version will be available in the future)

Working on:
- Save configuration
- Conclusion of the new syntax highlighter
- Text mode in AIR
- Information of text blocks in DEF, CMD, CNS, ...
- Import .fnt file with automatic conversion to Fnt v2
- Text replace function
- Organizer
- Use remap when export an anmation as GIF
- Language localization
- Zoom buttons

Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Current version running on Windows 7 x64

Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10
Previous version running on Ubuntu.

Link -


FINALY!! A tool that supports SFF2!

Z-CharCAD 9 by VirtuallTek 12/25/10 IFlWohn
Thanks Watta!

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