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Looking to recreate a character near and dear to me.

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Looking to recreate a character near and dear to me. SPOGNVp
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This is my first post and I wanna get straight to the point: I'm very interested in commissioning a talented creator to completely reassemble and recreate the character San (from Princess Mononoke) from the flash game Anime Fighting Jam Wing 1.2 (AFJW).
AFJW was a very well made flash fighting game of iconic anime characters with very simple controls but incredibly fun and well made. I won't go too into detail. Anyways, the character San has a special place in my heart as my main. She's very simple but incredibly fun and her combo routes are some of the most complex in a game as simple as AFJW. She's also the best character, which stems from her ability to infinite pretty easily. All in all I'm looking to have her be exactly translated over to Mugen as if she was dragged and dropped from the game. Same physics and gravity, same combo routes, and if it can be helped same meter mechanics as AFJW. As she's from an existing game you wouldn't need to sprite her at all, and as someone with very limited knowledge it seems very simple. It's a 3 button game consisting of light, heavy, and assist (with assist being a simple wolf summon button with no other real uses) with a parry button, a roll button, and a unnecessary super macro button. The game also has a very simple meter refill system where she cancel any normal/special with a normal or dash once her meter is fully charged up (plus a meter bar for her supers). If you try the game it's very simple to understand and overall really easy to translate, but with my lack of experience I'd much rather give back to the community and commission a very talented creator to take the task. Price is negotiable and I can rip any and all sprites. Sprites cover VFX, all animations, and supers. Thank you for taking the time to check out the post and please comment if you have any questions at all!

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Looking to recreate a character near and dear to me. 51937087073_50975dcb2f_o
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Hi Undercovertoni

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Unfortunately your commission request lacks sufficent information/is in the incorrect posting format.
I have temporarily moved it to the inactive thread.

Please note that there is a very specific process for requesting Mugen commissions.
You can read about how to request a commission/what information is required here:

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We highly recommend also reading parts 1-5 of the Newagemugen commission guide also (links are included in the link above)

Once your post has been updated with the correct/required information, it can be moved back into the request thread.

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