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DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted

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11.0/older characters DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted Sat Sep 16, 2023 3:24 pm



DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
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Hey Guys I've been Editing a few Of CobraG6 Dbz Characters on a light scale but i've Gotten a bit attached to Vegeta SSJ Blue  DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  1f604 I wanted to give him a better Lvl 3 Super and that Has been my main addition. Other Additions/ Changes are below.
  He has one main issue that i would love some assistance on, I actually feel like it may or may not be too much of a task for someone knowledgeable on the matter. He doesn't have Grab animations. Which i found to be the case with other CobraG6 characters as well. If anyone can help add that to The character I would much appreciate it.


Im sure in general you guys will enjoy the character edit as well from a cpu vs cpu and player standpoint.

New Additions
-Level 1 And 3 Super Attack
-Small AI Improvements
-Attack Balancing

The new attack speed Makes Vegeta SSJ Blue a very Formidable Character and i actually want to give some of the same treatment to more DBZ and Naruto CobraG6 Characters however they all seem to have the same issue with grab animations. Looking at their AI However they seem to have great potential when their attacks are sped up to match average characters.(Their attack speed and recovery makes them Easy targets.)

Vegeta Has the sprites added in, Just arent coded/grouped/numbered correctly for grab animations.

Anyone want to help me make this character High Tier? lol  DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  1f604

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JJ Darko

JJ Darko

DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  49283851498_0631820187_o
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problem with mugen is its always been a lonely mans game.
this may not be the right flavor of help youre after but it also may be lol!

Have you tried researching on youtube/google/mugen docs on grab/throw tutorials?
I dont remember the channel but i know i once saw some good videos on youtube about it.
Maybe studying those may help shed some light on how to make a throw, and also it might help you if that problem comes up again.
I think like most stuff in mugen (atleast the free stuff) it's 90% the time a cas eof having to trial and error stuff. But I dont think throws are that hard to do if you have studied the basics of character creation. let us know if you find any cool throw tutorials! I may even create a character creation tips thread in the tutorial area containing any cool stuff you guys find on it

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DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  52117799409_ab650ff4e9_o
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problem solved amigo!

I did a quick check on youtube and there are indeed some great guides there waiting to be explored by you!
DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  8bTOfaO

There are more, but these should give you all you need to complete him!
Let us know your progress I look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor Thumbs Up !

DBS Vegeta SSJ Blue (Edit) Help Wanted  P21sO8E

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