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[CLOSED]A beefy traffic light type warrior

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[CLOSED]A beefy traffic light type warrior 52079433288_ce6b119533_o
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I would like a traffic light type warrior character for MUGEN.
He would have beefy body, a STOP sign for a head, and holds a traffic light as a weapon. He would be as beef as Zangief. He would have 5 hypers (including a road roller DA! type move with a truck), 3 specials, and a regen ability.



[CLOSED]A beefy traffic light type warrior RjBqV68
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Hi gohkentyp

Newagemugen is a professional Mugen graphics designer and Mugen creator platform.
We deal with serious Mugen commission requests at a high level for serious clients.
It seems you have a history of making illegitimate requests and not following our rules here.
You have already been advised multiple times by our staff to follow the commission request guidelines:

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Multiple times our staff have warned you regarding this:

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As it seems highly unlikely that you have any intent on making a legitimate commission request I am removing this topic.
Again as previously mentioned, Please respect our talented creators time by not wasting it & following the commission posting rules.

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