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- Metal Sonic Kai's Obscure Video Game Music Thread -

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-Metal SK-

-Metal SK-

- Metal Sonic Kai's Obscure Video Game Music Thread - 28356897037_5be1f6146a_o
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I am a fan of obscure and cool Video game music OSTs. I used to collect rare Audio CDs and game soundtracks.
Here I will be placing some of my favorite Video Game mixes that feature obscure Video game music for you all to enjoy.

I would like to also be more active and help support the forum more,
so if you like any of the channels you see featured here, please comment on the videos that you found them from
from !  yay  So sit back and enjoy some interesting and cool tunes from decades of Video game soundtracks

This mic features lots of Jazz house and lounge inspired music. The tracknames are in the timebar for your convinience.
Thank you to El Famoso Demon for making these beats

Tekken 4 - Kitsch (Beach Stage) 0:00
Futari No Fantavision Medley - Starmine Starlight Starshell (The Remakening) 2:58
Slap Happy Rhythm Busters - Drugstore 7:20
Radirgy - 2 the Sky -Stage 03 11:26
Phosphorus - An Encounter 15:36
Battle Garegga - Degeneracy (Plant) Arrange 18:25
Zero4 Champ II - BGM 38 20:34
Aitakute...Your Smiles in My Heart - BGM 25 22:51
Metropolis Street Racer - It Doesn't Really Matter 25:08
Jet Grind Radio - Electric Toothbrush 29:15
R Racing Evolution - Liquid Soul 33:04
TOCA 2 Touring Cars - Menu Theme 37:40
Eyeshield 21 Field no Saikyou Senshi Tachi - Half Time 40:48
Gran Turismo 5 - Slow on the Uptake 42:42
Saturn Bomberman - Staff Roll 46:22
Zuntata - Blow Up (Elevator Action Returns) 49:00
PaRappa the Rapper - Paradise 52:33
The Sims - Neighborhood 53:12

- Metal Sonic Kai's Obscure Video Game Music Thread - 5a600110_800x600

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