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How to Download Sponsored/special/Exclusve/VIP Content

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How to Download Sponsored/special/Exclusve/VIP Content RjBqV68
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Newagemugen has 2 types of content:

1. Public release content
2. Exclusive/VIP/Sponsored Content

Anyone can download public release content. There will be a download link in the release section of the topic related to the content.

Exclusive/VIP/Sponsored content cannot be downloaded by anyone.
There will be very clear instructions on the requirements to access the content.
These instructions will be listed in the release topic for the specific content.
Some may only be available to a certain rank, and some may require a donation.

Please read the instructions/requirements for the item you are trying to download before asking staff about VIP content.
If you saw a video on our channel of the content, there will be a direct link to that content page on the youtube video description

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