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Small announcement RE: VIP user group deprecation & 2022 Ranking system Updates

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Small announcement RE: VIP user group deprecation & 2022 Ranking system Updates RjBqV68
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Just a small reminder/notice to everyone regarding the Newagemugen ranking system and some changes/pending changes:

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As some of our older members will be aware of the "VIP" usergroup/rank.
This rank was originally created as an equivalent to an older "newager" rank that as part of the old newage canadianforums server.

Pre-2018, This rank traditionally was given to members who were frequent users/power contributors to the forum.
This rank granted members access to hidden parts of the forum for private Beta file sharing among other benefits.

In 2018 Newagemugen's new and improved ranking system was announced.
A diverse automated ranking system based on measuring and gauging every individual member's forum activities, skill levels, and contributions
in a fun and interactive way with a completionist game-like incentive element.

By 2018 most VIP rank accounts were allocated to inactive members, and said members were either no longer using Newagemugen forums or had retired completely.
Furthermore the rank required manual allocation as opposed to automatic promotion like the current system.

In summary, as mentioned before, this rank has been deprecated since 2018 and over the next few months it will be removed completely.
If you are a current VIP rank holder, you may notice some minor changes to your account - your forum rank will not be affected by these changes, other than your username will default back to original color display.

Please feel free to ask any questions via the appeals thread if you have any

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