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Hi. I'm New and i need help

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1Hi. I'm New and i need help Empty Hi. I'm New and i need help Sun Feb 20, 2022 7:01 am


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Hi there everyone. My name is the Quiet1general. i've been a fan of Mugen since i was in highschool running it on Linux.
i have always loved how free it felt to see so many characters with no limitations but the mind of the creator itself.
ive never been great at computers but i like to read and write so i learned how to run mugen and i never turned back.
Fast forward to present day, i want to finally want to release a project and i know i probably sound dumb when i say this but i have NOOO idea how to upload a mugen game to the web as a playable file. ive tried so many times and im always getting something wrong. ive used tutorials but nothing seems to work. What im looking for is a uploading mugen for dummies walk through. if someone has the time i would really appreciate the help because i have a project that might be fun for some that i can upload while im creating my full project in the meantime.

Questions i have
What are the correct steps i need to upload a mugen project to the internet.
(What sites, Size limit, types of files, how to compress or if i even need to... Theres sooooo much i should know but sooo much i dont because ive never been good at raising my hand and asking for help. im trying something new here. i know some may troll and thats cool but if someone could really offer some help i would appreciate it. i would say im a quick learner buuut that doesnt seem to be the case lol but i will take the time to really give it what i got. Thanks in advance.

and if anyone knows where i can find a marvel vs capcom 2 hi res river stage link download that isnt broken from any creator i would really appreciate it as well.

Thank You All for taking the time to read and for those who are ready to roast me, i say "Show me your moves"

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Hi. I'm New and i need help RjBqV68
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Welcome to newagemugen.

Regarding your help inquiries, there are several different ways for you to gain assistance depending on the type of assistance you are requesting.
we have 2 different help sections depending on the type of help you require.
You can learn more via our info section here:

Hi. I'm New and i need help 37790345872_ebfeb58d10_o

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