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Ryu & Guy By Phantom.Of.The.Server Updated 15.01.2022

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Ryu & Guy By Phantom.Of.The.Server Updated 15.01.2022 51937087073_50975dcb2f_o
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After a 12 year long Hiatus, it seems the POTs (Phantom.Of.The.Server) the infamous creator of the POTs style of CVS characters has returned to MUGEN with 2 character updates.

Author's Notes wrote:Hi everyone. For some of you, it's been a while. For the others, it's nice to meet you.

Anyway, even after I disappeared and up until 2014, I still did some updates on my stuff from time to time, but I never felt they were substantial enough to bother repackaging and reuploading everything.

Then a couple months ago I somehow stumbled across the latest version of Ikemen Go, and was so impressed with how far it's come along that I started messing around with Mugen for the hell of it. This time I feel that the updates are so big that it'd be a waste not to share them.

The idea of remaking my older characters did not interest me, but in the end I changed so many things that I might as well have. I wanted them to be closer to the later characters in several aspects and I think I managed to do it.

Initially I was making everything for Mugen 1.1, but then I realized it's not quite as polished as 1.0 and that half the community still uses 1.0, so I kept them for 1.0 while improving compatibility with 1.1.

The plan now is to release updates more or less in chronological order, gather feedback, do the necessary corrections and then update everyone again. So let me know what you find and maybe this time I won't take 12 years to fix it.

Some changes may affect the characters quite a bit, so you should keep the old versions in case you like them better.


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Ryu & Guy By Phantom.Of.The.Server Updated 15.01.2022 49240809213_a0332873ca_o
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WOAH! Never thought I'd see PotS come through on more MUGEN stuff. Interesting.

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