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RE: Newagemugen's standpoint/opinion regarding other Mugen Forums

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RE: Newagemugen's standpoint/opinion regarding other Mugen Forums RjBqV68
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Newagemugen's Standpoint regarding other Mugen Websites/Forums

Click here for context:

Newagemugen opened its doors to the public in March 2010 with one clear vision - to provide a sanctuary for THE BEST screenpack, stage and graphic specialists in the mugen community to gather and create.
A decade later, and our vision remains unchanged, and our community is stronger than ever!

Newagemugen has a reputation for being a drama free community for over 10+ years.
Our success lies in the fact that we have aways operated like a family moreso than a forum emphasising quality over quantity as far as content and membership goes.
Furthermore, we stay in our own lane - meaning we focus on ourselves and don't speak on other people's business.

We have our own niche in the mugen community - focusing on graphic design, art, commissions, high end mugen content, aesthetic quality, among other things.
We are of the belief that each and every other Mugen community/forum serves its own purpose and is an integral part of the Mugen community in its own way.

Incase our view/opinion on the wider Mugen community isn't already clear,
To avoid any future misunderstandings we will as a one off, issue this statement just to set things in concrete for anyone potentially reading:

With the exception of our currently dormant sister site,,
Newagemugen has no personal affiliation, issue or opinion/s regarding ANY other Mugen Websites/individuals/communities whatsoever.
Newagemugen and its senior staff DONOT entertain/indulge in ANY activity suggesting otherwise.
This includes ALL major Mugen web forums, warehouses, discords, Youtube Channels, Streaming services and their staff/members.

Newagemugen takes no responsibility/has no control over the personal actions/behavior of any Newagemugen Forum users outside of this forum.
We use extra measures such as a thorough member screening process and strict registration requirements and account monitoring to ensure 90% of our registered members operate with integrity and common sense -needless to say we put extra effort into preventative moderation rather than reactive.

WE CONDEMN ANY misuse of the Newagemugen brand/name, use of the Newagemugen Brand/Name without permission, and misuse of the Newagemugen Brand/name for the purpose of personal gain/agenda/defamation/politics/opinion.
If anyone knows of/is aware of any instances of such behavior, we ask you to contact us directly to inform us so we may deal with the issue accordingly.

We wish all our fellow Mugen community members well.

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