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RE: Recent unusual Activity On Newagemugen Forums

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RE: Recent unusual Activity On Newagemugen Forums RjBqV68
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We would like to offer an explanation for the recent unusual forum activity.

On 10.07.18, was compromised by a former forum member.
Some inappropriate images were posted on our homepage and some accounts were deleted.

We have adressed the issue and apologize for any inconveniences.
Neither these events nor the people involved are of any importance hence we will not be pursuing or discussing the matter further.

Furthermore, we have taken measures to tighten security and access to our website thanks to assistance from forumotion support.
We are currently implicating measures to monitor irregular user activity such as the use of known fake proxy servers, blacklisted IPs, flood control, and more.

The Newagemugen Vision remains unchanged - to provide a sanctuary for THE BEST screenpack, stage and graphic specialists in the mugen community to gather and create. 8 years later, here we are in 2018 and our vision remains unchanged, and our community is stronger than ever!

We again deeply apologize for any inconvenience, & hope you all continue to enjoy your time at newagemugen.

Oh, and one last thing.
Here are some words of wisdom from Newagemugen to you all:

Internet/Anime/Movies/Gaming is fun....but's not REAL life:
Get out there! get a job, lift weights, date girls/guys, get married, drink, smoke, dance, party, work, travel, laugh, cry, live REAL life too before its too late!

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