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RetroTINK-5X Pro : The First Next-Generation Classic Gaming multi-system Scaler

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RetroTINK-5X Pro : The First Next-Generation Classic Gaming multi-system Scaler 52117799409_ab650ff4e9_o
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RetroTINK-5X Pro is a FPGA-powered upscaler that allows you to hook up retro video game consoles and computers for use on modern day TVs

RetroTINK-5X Pro : The First Next-Generation Classic Gaming multi-system Scaler 36c4ce_a0f589500ed8438ebde1c6bd0eb94804~mv2RetroTINK-5X Pro : The First Next-Generation Classic Gaming multi-system Scaler 36c4ce_87268125d5874e63b4977565eba3d1db~mv2

introduces a few landmark accomplishments for bridging retro consoles to modern TVs:

   The first automatic optimal phase algorithm to produce the sharpest image with zero adjustments needed beyond selecting the base mode.
   The first custom developed FPGA-based Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing algorithm specifically for games to make 480i titles shine without adding lag or flicker.
   The first high resolution (1080p and above) video scaler that is capable of covering virtually all analog inputs: composite, S-video, component and RGB out of the box.
   Fully compliant CEA-861 standard 1080p modes to maximize compatibility across displays and capture cards.
   High quality polyphase scaling at both integer and non-integer factors for sharp pixels without shimmer.
   Seamless handling of resolution switches for drop free gaming on titles that switch between 240p and 480i.

The full specifications include:

   Input Ports: Composite (shared with green RCA jack), S-Video, Component, RGB and Composite on SCART connector
   Output Port: Digital Video to HDTV
   Source Resolutions: 240p/480i, 288p/576i, 480p, 720p*, 1080i*
   Output Resolutions: 480p, 720p, 768p, 1080p, 1200p, 1440p°
   Input Filtering: Selectable low-pass filter for noise reduction
   Composite and S-Video Standards: NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, composite video is decoded with a high-quality comb filter to minimize dot artifacts or a notch filter for a vintage look
   Decoder: High quality comb filter that minimizes composite artifacts or notch filter for a vintage look.
   Optimal Sampling Modes: SNES/TG16 256, Genesis/Saturn/PS1 320, NEOGEO 320, N64 386, Saturn 352, PS1 384 in 240p. 288p counterparts to be added later.
   Scaler: Polyphase interpolation (Bilinear Sharp and Bilinear)
   Deinterlacer: Motion Adaptive, Weave, Bob, Blend, CRT simulation
   Scanline Generation: Multiple types, adjustable intensity
   Latency: ~0.25 frames in Framelock, 0.25 to 1.25 frames in Triple Buffering
   Power: microUSB

*720p and 1080i inputs are chroma limited. All other input resolutions preserve the full original chroma bandwidth. 1080i inputs use 'Bob' deinterlacing, 480i/576i inputs can utilize all deinterlacer modes.

°Not all TVs/displays will be compatible with 1440p. The RetroTINK-5X Pro uses 1920 x 1440p CVT reduced blanking timings. 1440p mode is only available for 240p/480i/480p sources.

RetroTINK-5X Pro : The First Next-Generation Classic Gaming multi-system Scaler P21sO8E

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