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[RIVELIO] Projects Thread

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1Mugen Creator/Youtuber [RIVELIO] Projects Thread Thu Feb 04, 2021 2:07 pm



[RIVELIO] Projects Thread SPOGNVp
[RIVELIO] Projects Thread ZJkR7eR

Why hello there, name's Rivelio. Welcome to the NAM branch of my little biz.

My main focus in MUGEN is character coding using JUS sprites, and every other kind of sprite that resembles it, in various gameplay styles that feel both familiar yet refreshing for everyone. So if you're all in for JUS characters, this no doubt is your right place to be.

In this thread you can both give my currently released content a shot, and take a peek at my works in progress and other interesting things. I said my main focus is making Chars, but that's by no means all there is to it!

So stick around, cause you never know what you can come across in this particular corner of the world.


Nothing to announce just yet. Don't call me we'll call you.


The All-Stars Collection is my current, largest project at present. It's made up of pretty much any character that catches my eye and feel like getting to Mugen in a memorable fashion. They can come from every corner of media, be it Anime, Manga, TV, Movies, Books, you name it!
(though it's only anime characters at the moment, give it time, it'll grow.)

The gameplay style takes inspiration in what is known in the JUS community as "Mikel Style", in honor to the living legend / dear and trusted friend of mine / "mad-lolicon-only-not-really-unless..." who made JUS-sprite chars popular again, Mikel8888 . Though the greenest of beans simply refer to the playstyle as "JUS" nowadays, his sick mind is where it all starts and ends.

Now, while my take on the style is what some might call "the same thing" at face value, I assure you it is everything but. In my chars you can find a considerably fleshed out combo system, a slightly different take on the Normal-Special-Super/Hyper hierarchy (throwing cinematic Ultimates into the mix), and last but not least, a nice VFX coating to wrap it up and make the whole thing really come alive.

All that said, talking is a free action, and has no real weight on its own. So my best suggestion is go ahead, take a look, and judge for yourself:

[RIVELIO] Projects Thread Pmdlyb0 [RIVELIO] Projects Thread VTf8h5Q [RIVELIO] Projects Thread VGTr08l [RIVELIO] Projects Thread QSferp7

(Chars are ordered from Oldest to Newest, in case you wanna berate me for the abysmal amount of errors in my Deku. Frustrated)

[ALL-STARS] Yusuke (Start):

[ALL-STARS] Ken Kaneki:



Project ZENKAI was my first ever big project in Mugen, centered purely around Dragon Ball, in a rather distinct gameplay style than what's common in the JUS community.

It was originally meant to have tons more characters, but I decided to drop it in favor of other projects. So all that's left nowadays is 4 released chars total, a couple unreleased WIPs, and hours and hours of entertainment that are remembered fondly.

As for those 4 veterans, you can find them right below:

[RIVELIO] Projects Thread Ut4DUJg [RIVELIO] Projects Thread Ouj2QRk [RIVELIO] Projects Thread VX8HygB [RIVELIO] Projects Thread DsM3BDo


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