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Kasim LV2-CKOFM By ex1 Updated (7.10.18)

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1KOF SNK Edit Character Kasim LV2-CKOFM By ex1 Updated (7.10.18) Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:14 am



Kasim LV2-CKOFM By ex1 Updated (7.10.18) 50086984306_129c06f147_o
Kasim LV2-CKOFM By ex1 Updated (7.10.18) QxOOG9o

Ok so here is a weird one for ya, another Iori edit but this time with a LOL story and an original sorta move set. Also he has various different modes controlled via palette so I will let you figure out those....great fun. Read the authors back story below:

Authors Notes:
CKOFM Worldview World B

People: Kasim (Kasim), Chaos world view, Gustav's early clones, transplanted Sike
The ability of light and time. But Gustav pursued a stronger force, so he mechanically transformed it (kasim) into
A semi-mechanical biochemical person. Because the mechanical devices in the body can be more powerfully attacked by the energy conversion of the flesh (plasma)
Light attack), the drawback of this transformation is that the body uses mechanical conversion energy to cause severe pain to the body and will be short-lived.
Life. (Up to about 50 years old) So he has always hated Gustav and accidentally fled Gus
Taff, who has been lurking in the base for a long time, has no news for a long time. Until I saw Kaus, who was out of control and entered the base, because
It was almost impossible for Kauss to be killed by Gustav, so he saved Kaos. After communicating with Kauss and Kassim
Fight against Gustav together.
(Kassem and Kaos are very familiar with each other, although they are not good at all, but they can understand each other)

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Kasim LV2-CKOFM By ex1 Updated (7.10.18) P21sO8E

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