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Final Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Final Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o

Final Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18) A3gVfjQFinal Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18) KQTZwkT

Authors Notes:

Story behind this: the moment I discovered about Mugen 1.1's exclusive interpolation feature, was the moment I gave to myself the task to make something cool with it; and it took me only a few months to achieve that! :D

Well then, behold my "quite accurate" recreation of everyone's favorite Smash stage, with some original twist on it. Features:

  • intense zoom and boundhigh[/li]

  • intense animations, using different layers positioning technique[/li]

  • intense parallax effect in the platform[/li]

  • intense colors, even if they're indexed so you don't need OpenGL to run it[/li]

  • quite optimized file size (I tried my best on that)[/li]

  • looping BGM[/li]

What's left:

  • add some animations to the platform, and clean it up a bit.[/li]

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Final Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o


Final Destination (Brawl) By NDSilva (16.06.18) Ya01log
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