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Burning City(Destruct) Remake for Mugen 1.1 By Chrono_Strife (26/12/2017)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Burning City(Destruct) Remake for Mugen 1.1 By Chrono_Strife (26/12/2017) 51631106195_34e64106bd_o

Authors Notes:
Released is this update of a DBZ2k5 stage (by Pextin and the DBZ2k5 team) which is based off the Hyper Dimension "Destruct" stage:
(large filesize is due to the music file and large png fire/smoke anims). Includes a looppointed DBFighterz - West City.ogg track.

The stage code is a mess, because I rushed it all out for Xmas. So if you like the stage and want to use the fire and smoke and cloud assets, use the specific assets, but don't use the entire code base as a reference because I did a bad job. I honestly need to find a way to rerip these fire/smoke fx someday so im not doing layers on layers for seemless looping.

If your FPS is actually dropping below 59.X any any point please let me know you Mugen version, Rendermode, and computer specs (GPU, CPU, and RAM in gigs), and what attack or state Trunks is in that causes your performance to dip. I'm hoping for no issues here, my test machine is a 5.5 year old laptop with an Nvidia 430m that keeps a solid 60fps, so I hope performance in 1.1 openGL will be fine.

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Burning City(Destruct) Remake for Mugen 1.1 By Chrono_Strife (26/12/2017) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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