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Forum Posting rules & Guidelines

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1default Forum Posting rules & Guidelines Sun May 23, 2010 3:01 pm



Forum Posting rules & Guidelines OjtZ7W5

Rules are simple

1. Read and follow the 10 Forum Rules before posting:

2. When posting in the Mugen release sections, topic title must include:

- name of creation
- author
- release date

3. ALL Release posts must include Videos and/or screenshots of the creation

4. Technical information ie resolution, mugen version, and any credits, move lists, stage info ecetera must be included to the best of your knowledge.
This is respectful to other users that may be interested in downloading.

5. Do not just provide download links to content with no information

6. Do not spam post or double/triple post ( If you don't understand this then you shouldn't be here).

7. DO NOT post personal unedited mugen compilations and call them mugen fullgames - we do not support warehousing or the sharing of personal mugen compilations and will seriously scrutinize any content we believe to be so.

Any posts that fail to follow these guidelines will either be deleted or moved to our MUGEN GRAVEYARD section.


Forum Posting rules & Guidelines XqZWtLC

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