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1default IM MAKING A GAME! EXTREMELY SLOWLY! Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:55 am



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So i wrote mad shit before and hit backspace outside the text box and now its all gone orz

Let's try this again............

blah blah blah I'm making a fighting game. takes place in a futuristic setting and im aiming for quality. Like a good/decent story, character relationships i can build up in sequels and shit. just a fun experience like old school fighters (NOT SUPER OLD SCHOOL THAT SHIT IS BORING AF)
Uhm, currently because I have literally no time to learn 3D modelling, im gonna make it 2D. IDK if i'll go hires on the sprites.....i haven't tried spriting that large but I may need to if i want to sell this on console platforms.

Music-wise, I have a person with experience I reached out too. I know he can't/won't do it for free but I just want to see if he'd do it at all (I think he's working on his third game?).

As mentioned in the title, I will probably work on this insanely slow. I just lack certain skills/resources. Maybe down the line I can find some people to join me, but I need to think of everything ahead of time, or get a prototype out there idk. The engine I'm using is still in dev anyway so who knows how things can change once he adds new features to it.
I get to have input though! so maybe it'll be in my favor in that regard.

I have no idea how environment art is getting done, though I have a few people I can reach out to like Anti, or some IRL friends. I guess I could bribe them to do character art time I guess.

Soooooooooooooooooo right now I'm just trying to come up with general character concepts (design and tech/fighting style). AZ gave me one to work with, and idk if others will be similar or not. I have something in mind but I gotta sprite it up......

And thats basically it.


2default Re: IM MAKING A GAME! EXTREMELY SLOWLY! Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:10 pm


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An easy way to make a game as hundred of japanese game developer had done is use some free available engines.
For example people had made Horror Games with Unity Chan as protagonist,others have made first person horror games since those are easy to make just requires a basic level of knowledge and they made it on Unreal 4 so the queality looks awesome (in the beggining i thought i was looking something from photos taken perfectly until certain details showed that was good models from building that looked real)
For example unity allows you to use MMD models thanks to a plugin if you are focusing on a free game then you could improve your skill with that.
Other thing would be making an RPG maker game,is a good engine just requires basic level to create something fun.
This game is an example of a game made on unity

A good way to learn what can be achieved on unity is terror engine it has some presets and basic stuff so you have to make a story and include some spooks.

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