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Your favorite char/stage[s]

GT Yzan
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1default Your favorite char/stage[s] Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:52 pm

GT Yzan

GT Yzan

Your favorite char/stage[s] 42197397255_c0a08f615e_o
Your go to stuff when you make a new Mugen folder.

Rock by Vyn
Mika by Warusaki

Interrsecting Crossroads (smirk) by Dissidia
Crystal Passage by Dissidia
Hanzou's stage by Night
Bellchime Trail by Saiyajin Mui
Dream Storm by ExCahm
Sarah Forest by Me

I'm here to show the world!
I'm here to show the WORLD!



Your favorite char/stage[s] I_m_here_to_show_the_world__by_muzeradeville-d8vaaub

2default Re: Your favorite char/stage[s] Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:10 pm



Your favorite char/stage[s] OjtZ7W5
CM Punk by SeanAltly
Ubu, Ella & Kuando by Giano.
Unber & Deke Cay by The Magic Toaster.
Frieza (WIP), Vegeta (WIP), Goku & Yamcha by Neocide.
Kirito by Sennou-Room.
Wolfgang Krauser by Infinite.
Sie Kensou by Scal.
Karin by POTS.
Batman by Cybaster.
Tiffany Lords & Yurika by Fervicante.
Bluestreak by Diepod & Jesuszilla.
Kyosuke(old) & Jin by Byakko
Nanaya by Kohaku.
Wolverine & Evil Ryu by Vyn.
VegetaZ2 by Balthazar & Cybaster/Gargoyle(?) (The one with the new stance)
Yoko & Sieger by Warusaki3


Crystal Labyrinth by Felineki
Broadway District by MOTVN/HankVenture/Dissidia/Other Niggas.
Introduce A Little Anarchy by Whitenoise.
Heat Stage by Tamez.
LA River by Dissidia.
Cafe Diss by Dissidia.
Temen-ni-gru by Teros.
Cosmic Flight by Teros.
Fight Club by xX-Nero-Xx.
Punch Drunk by HankVenture.
Stadium by MOTVN/NoZ/Gio/HolyMercanaryT/Shwa
Wrestlemania XIX by Dissidia.
Leaked Mania Results by Dissidia.
City Front by ExShadow.
Downtown Network by ExShadow.
Rain on the buildings by Master Yoda.
Backstreets Of Brooklyn by Vegaz.
Evacuate Redux by Dissidia.
A Colossal Titan Appears by Markpachi.
Exodus Train by Beximus.
Tengoku No Hana by Watta.
Troublesome Kunoichi by MOTVN/HankVenture/Catinbags.
Chicago 1960 by JeanBureau
Hellraiser by Djoulz.


Your favorite char/stage[s] XqZWtLC

3default Re: Your favorite char/stage[s] Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:46 pm



Your favorite char/stage[s] 42463946061_c82f3ae03a_o
walmart - bigsally
Holy Ryu - bigSally

4default Re: Your favorite char/stage[s] Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:57 am



Your favorite char/stage[s] 49283851498_0631820187_o
Ryu, Cammy, & Zangief by Warusaki3
Clark by OrochiKOF97
Iori by Vans
Young Geese by Rolento
CvS2 Felicia by Jesuszilla
Shermie by Anjel
Chris by NeoGouki
Kurorim by 3ha
Nakoruru by Phantom.of.the.Server
Ingrid by CrazyKoopa
Reika Murasame by Taruse
Hikaru & Nanashi by Rikard
XP-Professional & Araki Runa by Nijikaku Team
Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90
Guile by TESTP
Kasugano & Sub-Zero by Pneophen
Kyo by Jmorphman


Clocks Latale by Alex
Australian Outback by DG
Boardwalk & Witch on the Holy Night by Jango
IN MAI MOUFF by ExShadow
Final Battle Under The Red Moonlight by Kitsune Sniper
Cherry Blossomin Magical View by FlamingRedHead
Deserted Chateau by NeoGouki
CvS2 London Night by Drex
Ice Forest Night & L.A. River by Dissidia
Korakuen Amusement Park by whdyd693
Through The Looking Glass by XTRM
NWG Train & City by Richard Lockard
Rain '99 by Cirio
Ship Night by Tatsu
Sky Battle Night by Ziltama
Stauf's Mansion by Vans
CvS Ayutaya Iseki by Master Yoda

5default Re: Your favorite char/stage[s] Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:56 am



Your favorite char/stage[s] RjBqV68
I wrote my list and got distracted by the latest topics on the left. When i hit the back button, it was gone. I'll just put one

Ingrid by J

Your favorite char/stage[s] QnnT425

6default Re: Your favorite char/stage[s] Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:45 am

Sir Lord Alpyne

Sir Lord Alpyne

Your favorite char/stage[s] 49283851498_0631820187_o
i'll tackle this little by little, 'cuz otherwise this'll make my head pop just a tad.


Raphael by R@ce [duh.]

Leonardo, Marco Rodriguez, Rouga, Batsu, L. Blood, Sodom, & Tizoc The Griffin by R@ce
damn'd near all SvK chars [especially King] by Infinite
Krauser, Kain, Cable, B. Kane, & B. Jenet by Infinite
Jin by Infinite & R@ce
Ella & Kuando by Aiduzzi
Sagat, Yuka, Skullomania, & Psylocke by DivineWolf
Sho by Decolor
Billy Lee by Mouki
James Lee by V-Nix
Bruce Shotoman by Dragoon 316
Vegeta [both Vanilla & Majin], Mr. Satan [he's fun-nee!], & Gohan by tha Z2 squad
Legendary Wolf & A. Terry V2 by DemonKai
Radel & Billy Lee by Ryo 2005 & Duracelleur [To-Six]
Keith Wayne by Mouser & Duracelleur [To-Six]
Strider Hiryu & Goh-Uh by Ahuron
Juggernaut, Sean, & E. Ryu by Victorys
Sieger by Warusaki
Ken, Rolento, & Ryo by Jmorphman


warning: slight R.O.K/NewAgefanboy dumbshit ahead :mcmahon:
Sunrise/Sunset Temple, Rooftop [ReTweak'd], Nightriding, M. Dinner, & Destruction by Geebz
Dragon Tournament & Bakal Castle by Genesis
Evacuate Redux, Miku Lounge, & Aurora City by Diss
Sunset of Memories [older], Liberty River, Inabayamajo, Hounouji, & Kona Park by Excahm
Tengoku no Hana, & ...Before The City Sleeps by Watta
Destroy'd Colony & Resting Place by Pach
Cypher Gate by both of'em
Lost Waterfall, Prosia Germany, Dragon Soars The Sky, & Ninja Warrior's Train by OldGamer
Club DamNation by Sou-bot
damn'd near all SFA SJ stages, Andore's Arena, Metro City Arena, & Guriano by Realest
Evacuate ReDux: Stranglehold, Training In Forest REDUX, & F.o.Forgetfulness by Alpyne D [what, i can't be proud of my own work?! Cheesin ]
Astray Noon [WIP], & Kushiyama Forest V2 by Alpyne D & MarkPachi
Sweet Serenity by madLax
Skullomania's Carnival by Tamez

more later, yep.


Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail
Your favorite char/stage[s] UkutF
FailFail Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail

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