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Batsu Ichimonji by R@CE AKIR@ (Updated 3/15/14)

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Batsu Ichimonji by R@CE AKIR@ (Updated 3/15/14) OjtZ7W5
~R@CE AKIR@~ wrote:

Note : Check the config file to see changes that can be made into the character.

Read Me                
Contact : here or at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Customized version of Capcom's Batsu Ichimonji character, for MUGEN 1.0


U - up          LP - light punch        LK - light kick
D - down        MP - medium punch       MK - medium kick
F - forward     HP - heavy punch        HK - heavy kick
B - back        P - any punch           K - any kick
s - start       2P- two punches         2K- two kicks

(Air) - Move must be performed in the air.
(EX)  - Move has an EX version, performed by pressing two punch/kick buttons.
(MAX) - Use two punch/kick buttons when performing a Super move to power it up.

TO 0 AND SAVE.Turning off the chain combos will give the character more of a
cvs-ish type damage for normal attacks.

.Big Upper         F/B + 2P (near opponent)
.Ichimongi Drop Kick F/B + 2K (near opponent)

.Kiai Dan (EX) (Can be done in the air)        D,DF,F+P
.Guts Upper (EX)                                F,D,DF+P
.Mikadzuki Kick (EX) D,DB,B+K
.Ryuusei Kick (EX) (Only in the air)            D,DB,B+K

.Zenkai Kiai Dan (Can be done in the air) D,DF,F,D,DF,F+P  POWER>=1000  
.Blazing Mikadzuki Kick        D,DB,B,D,DB,B+K  POWER>=1000
.Ichimonji Style Barrage                        D,DB,B,D,DB,B+P  POWER>=1000
.Super Ryuusei Kick (Only In the air))          D,DB,B,D,DB,B+K  POWER>=1000
.Max Zenkai Kiai Dan (Can be done in the air) D,DF,F,D,DF,F+2P  POWER>=2000
.Max Blazing Mikadzuki                          D,DB,B,D,DB,B+2K  POWER>=2000
.Max Ichimonji Style Barrage                    D,DB,B,D,DB,B+2P  POWER>=2000  
.Super Guts Upper        D,DF,F,D,DF,F+PK  POWER>=3000
.Double Zenkai Kiaidan D,DB,B,D,DB,B+PK  POWER>=3000

.Run:                   F, F
.Backward Dash:                 B, B
.Low Jump:                       tap U
.High Jump:                     tap D, U
.Long Low Jump:                 tap D, tap U            
.Sidestep:                       LP + LK
  .Sidestep Attack:             p / k
.Forward Roll:                   F + LP + LK
.Backward Roll:                 B + LP + LK
.Parry High:                     tap F
.Parry Low:                     tap D
.Air Parry:                     tap F           (Air)
.Power Charge:                   hold MP + MK
.Zero Counter:                   B, DB, D, P / K (during standing or crouching guard)
.Custom Combo:                   HP + HK           (Air also)
.Fall Recovery:                 2P / 2K       (while falling and allowed)


- Normal Attacks are able to chain into other normal attacks.
- Normal attacks can be canceled into Command, Special and Super moves
- Some Special moves can be canceled into Super moves
- Some Lv1 Super moves can be canceled into MAX Super moves
- Cancelling a Special, Super move or Custom Combo into a Super move resets the juggle points
  but also reduces its damage

- Removes cancellable attack restrictions and gives you a lot of freedom to combo them
- Juggle limit is lifted
- You can only use EX Special or Super moves from the point the character starts flashing faster
  and brighter, and doing so ends Custom Combo
- Gives you a short invulnerability window at the start


Capcom-For creating the original character.

Elecbyte-For Making the MUGEN engine.

Virtualtek-For creating Fighter Factory.

P.O.T.S-For all your tutorials and open source coding. One of the best coders in mugen!

Daeron, Li_Kun and CVSNB - For making all of Batsu's sprites in the first place. This wouldn't be possible without you guys

Mouser - For using his Sff that was in his MVC Batsu as a base to make my own Batsu.

Infinite- For teaching me some new coding and putting up with my crazy ass and being a good friend

Skeletor EX - For beta testing, extra custom made sprites, and ideas.

UltimateBiosparkJ - For beta testing, and palettes and motivation.

Aldo - For making small custom portrait for Batsu

Chazzanova - For making the Lvl3 Portraits


- Batsu Ichimonji is property of Capcom
- Rival Schools is property of Capcom
- This MUGEN character is a non-profit fan work, it cannot be used for any commercial purposes

Download: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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