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KFM - Improved

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11.0/older characters KFM - Improved Sat May 18, 2013 5:53 pm



KFM - Improved GlDVwFc
Hello everyone,

over the past few weeks I've been working on my own version of KFM. KFM is the mugen default character as we all know but how many people really use him? I doubt many do. So my aim is to improve his gameplay completely and so far I have done that. I've pretty much re-coded him from scratch apart from a couple of things that only needed tweaking. The same goes for his CLSN's too.

His main features are:

-Smoother transitions between combos
-More combo ability than before
-A power charge
-New Intros and Win poses (not yet implemented).
-2 New super moves ~ His KF upper super has been removed.
-An offensive counter attack
-A tactical back dash during combos to mix things up and implement trickery
-And something of a trademark for me - "Rage"

Here are some videos below with a description:

Firstly a combo video just showing the look and "feel" of the character. Also showing his new "Rising Dragon" supermove.

Secondly a video showing one of his features "Tactical Backdash"**

** The tactical backdash works by pressing lp + lk during basic attack. The move cancels from a basic attack into a backdash that creates space from your opponent. During the landing state of the "Tactical Backdash" you have a few options. By pressing any punch button KFM will use his "Kung Fu Palm", while pressing and two punches, he will use his "EX Kung Fu Palm". Pressing any Kick will use KFM's new flying kick attack (not yet shown) and any two kicks will display the EX version. The "Tactical Backdash" can be used as a suprise attack also, for example if you land a couple of attacks on the opponent then cancel into the backdash the oppoent will think you're running away but the split second he comes forward you can launch an attack at him/her.

Now for another feature "Kung Fu Counter" with EX version video underneath.

The EX version is based off Akira Yuki's Virtua Fighter moveset.

And finally a video showing KFM's new lvl 3 super "Fist of Fury" with a teaser at the end ;)

Hope you enjoy all the videos, this is a serious project and I'm pleased with how it's turned out so far. If you have any questions or queries I'll be happy to answer.



21.0/older characters Re: KFM - Improved Sat May 18, 2013 5:59 pm



KFM - Improved OjtZ7W5
Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see more progress.


KFM - Improved XqZWtLC

31.0/older characters Re: KFM - Improved Sat May 18, 2013 11:45 pm



KFM - Improved 49283851498_0631820187_o
IIRC someone made color separated sprites for KFM (divine's one) @ MFG if you're interested.

KFM - Improved KcsHGvO

41.0/older characters Re: KFM - Improved Mon May 20, 2013 4:42 pm



KFM - Improved GlDVwFc
I've got quite far into the project now and added stuff myself into the .sff so I'd be creating myself an extra load of work but thanks for the suggestion.

Ok guys, another progress video here. This is an extended viewing of the Tactical Backdash, showing all cancelable options from it including EX moves. Enjoy :)

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