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Quote Problems

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1Quote Problems Empty Quote Problems Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:43 pm



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where do i start?
i downloaded mugen 1.0 (latest release rc9 i think)
and i found out a very cool quote feature i can add quotes easily that's not the problem though
the thing i want to do is point them for a specific character
for ex i'mma use Akuma here are his quotes

; Up to 100 victory quotes can be specified per language (victory0 - victory99)
victory1 = "Fool!."
victory2 = "Such pitiful insolence!."
victory3 = "The weak do not deserve a rematch, but an open grave bearing their name"
victory4 = "Never step into the ring unless you are ready to leave this mortal coil!."
victory5 = "Messatsu!."
victory6 = "I want to challenge more skilled fighters Not a worthless fighter like you!."
victory7 = "..."
victory8 = "You dare dare challenge me oldman get out of my sight!"
victory9 = "Now Ryu give yourself up to the satsu no hadou or perish"
i want the 8th and 9th quote to be directed to gen and ryu so i found out how and i added this to akuma's cns

[State 180, Quote]
type = victoryquote
trigger1 = 1
value = 1 + (random % 7)

[State 180, Quote against K']
type = victoryquote
triggerall = numenemy
trigger1 = enemy, name = "Gen" || enemy, name = "gen_mx"
value = 8

[State 180, Quote against King]
type = victoryquote
triggerall = numenemy
trigger1 = enemy, name = "Ryu" || enemy, name = "ryu(sfa4)"
value = 9
all the characters have there folder name and display name just to be sure even though this is in his cns
this doesn't work at all he just says his regular quotes this is bothering me very much so i was asking if anyone had a problem like this and knew a solution study

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