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Allow me to Introduce Myself

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What's going on Newage??

I'm James. I'm not much about speaking about myself, ESPECIALLY on the internet but I figure I'd reach out anyways. I've been away from Mugen for many years, and recently decided to scratch the itch that never entirely went away. I dusted off my ancient external hard drive, fired that thing up and some 9 years after my last Mugen session, all the memories and enjoyment came flooding back. I don't know if anyone else has had that experience but that's where I'm at.

I was introduced to Mugen in 2007-2008, and it changed everything. I was pointed in it's direction by a friend after seeing the now legendary MK vs SF Newgrounds videos made by Proxicide himself. And then to be told, "Let me tell you about Mugen though..". It was over. Hence why now, here in 2023, despite being way too adult, and having way more important things I should likely be doing with my time, I'm here typing out this nostalgic tale that very few are likely to read anyways lol. But anyways, I'm hoping to interact with people here, maybe even get to know some. I'm done for now. Peace to all.

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Yes it happens same time every year.
You are simply another one of a long line of old mugen players that come back after 10 years+ every january but usually quit soon after when work,starts.
We have a whole topic on the trend lol

Allow me to Introduce Myself FXzcO3r

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