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Is it gaming possible on virtual machines? (particularly MUGEN)

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Is it gaming possible on virtual machines? (particularly MUGEN) 2GPpdMR
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Well, I have installed a virtual machine inside my Windows 11. It was a Windows 7 (one of my favorites Thumbs Up) So I just decided to try MUGEN However, I got unexpected results.  scratch WinMUGEN stays with black screen but at least sound can be listened. MUGEN 1.0 works fine and MUGEN 1.1 just sends an error message. I had the idea to change video renderer of my MUGEN 1.1 from "OpenGL" to "System" and it worked but a MUGEN 1.1 without using the capabilities of OpenGL doesn't feel like a MUGEN 1.1, you know.

Any possible fix for this issue? Thanks in advance.

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