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[Mugen 1.1 Only] Fire & Ice Style Ken & Ryu By Burn(0)

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[Mugen 1.1 Only] Fire & Ice Style Ken & Ryu By Burn(0) 42197397255_c0a08f615e_o
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Hey whatsup fam its ya boi Mango here and I just wanted to share these two awesome POTs style Ryu & Ken edits made by a creator named Burn(0) which might possibly be the best freakin Ryu and Ken POTs versions out there!

They feature heaps of new moves & a dynamicly wild playstyle with ice and fire style moves kllind of like a mortal kombat sub zero scorpion so check them out

Ken Changelog:

- Changed Far Stand MK 2 animation
- Adjusted collision on MK, Inazuma Kakato Wari, Fumikomi Mae Geri, Ushiro Mawashi Geri and Shiden Kakato Otoshi
- Increased block stun on Zero Counters
- Increased invincibility on Zero Counter 2
- Increased hit velocity on last hit of Zero Counter 2
- Increased Hadouken projectile speed
- Limited combo loop on EX Hadouken and Senkugoshoha
- LP, MP and HP Zankuu Hadouken now fire multiple projectiles
- Added invincibility to EX Bakuretsuken
- Reduced start up frames on Shouryuken
- Added lead-in kick to Tatsu and removed invincibility on aerial Tatsu
- Added ground bounce to Tatsumaki Kaenkyaku/Kuuchuu Tatsumaki Kaenkyaku
- First hit of Joudan Sokutou Geri now hits downed opponents
- Added extra hits to Joudan Sokutou Geri if successful on standing/crouching target
- Added extended stun state to LP, MP and HP Senkugoshoha
- Reduced invincibility on Senkugoshoha
- Changed Machine Gun Blow input to HCF+P/2P
- Reduced invincibility on Machine Gun Blow
- Increased launch distance on medium Machine Gun Blow ender
- Added ground bounce to HP Machine Gun Blow
- Added wall slam target state to EX Machine Gun Blow ender
- Extended hitboxes on LV 3 Shippu Jinrai knee kick
- Added ground bounce to LV 3 Shippu Jinrai
- Reworked LV 2 Shakunetsu Hadouken
- Added SF4 style Shinryuken animation
- Psycho Shinryuken now requires 3000 power
- Increased Gouka dash speed
- Adjusted damage/scaling
- Lowered run cancel power cost to 500
- Improved parry functionality and shortened parry window to 2 frames
- Increased power gain on parry
- Reduced max life to 1000
- Increased defense to 100
- Improved zoom FX
- Adjusted hurt boxes in common gethit animations
- Added custom air juggle system
- Added new sounds
- Added Pyrokinesis (F,B,F+P/2P)
- Improved AI
- Polished more sprites


Ken (1.1+ only):
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Ryu (1.1+ only):
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