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Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works

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Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works 32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
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Disclaimer: Special thanks to Vermilion Spy and DotheEnchanting94 for helping me write my first article and providing me with the template. Credits to them for helping me with source information, some of the paragraphs and images/references material. If you would also like to use Spy's template, here is the link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Emanuele Pepi's (Mulambo's) Mugen Works
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Mulambo, also known as Moolambo/Misterpain (real name Emanuele Pepi) is a retired veteran Italian Mugen Creator/Amateur Digital drawing artist & Amateur Music producer.
While he is known for creating the "pingu" the penguin character for mugen, and an original fullgame titled "super cranky fighters",
he is better known for his controversial online persona & interactions within the Mugen community spanning 2 decades since the early days of mugen.

Being one of the oldest & Original Mugen community members, he was active within the Mugen community since at least 2004.
Unofficially presumed retired, his last known activity within the Mugen community was in 2020.

Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works KIxCisX

Mulambo's most well known Mugen creation is the "Pingu the penguin" character, based off of the popular Swiss childrens stop animation tv show "pingu" which aired between the 1990s-2000s.

Mulambo made many other obviously parody based characters however none quite rose to the same level of popularity or Notoriety as Pingu.
He also made a large number of original stages, many obviously utilizing 3D and blender (his preferred style), and are all still available for download via his website.

Fullgames & Super Cranky Fighters

is a fullgame collaboration with Mugen creator Oldgamer (screenpack creator) entitled Super Cranky Fighters 2.
Being his 3rd Fullgame creation, it featured 17 selectable characters (2 hidden), 17 original stages, & original music.
Each character has 4-6 supermoves, 2 hypermoves and 1 ultra combo move. Also any character can perform a really basic combo system which is necessary to use efficiently in order to beat the game more easily. The character design art art style in his own words is "old school lowpoly" or "ps1-style". The fullgame even has its own devoted blogspot website devoted to it separately from his main official website (links at the bottom of this article).


Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works NMck5D5
Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works KvcoRCR

Mulambo is equally well known for his controversial interactions with other users/senior forum staff within the wider mainstream Mugen community.
In his own words, much of his earlier behavior was deliberate trolling due to alleged Drug use, thus influencing his behavior in a negative way.

Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works K9ldpDD

His last known Mugen related activity was a solemn post entitled "Is Mugen dead?" in 2020.
On surface view it may look like a critique of the Mugen community, but on closer observation it is obviously a self reflection of 18+ years devotion to the engine and Video game related art/music and his expectations vs reality.
It is clear Mulambo felt a sense of self-failure, lack of achievement & regret - In that his years of work on the engine and other ventures had not paid off or gained him the satisfaction/recognition he thought he deserved.
A common theme experienced by many Mugen creators who fall victim to delusions of grandeur or unrealistic expectations regarding the engine, the creative process and the community.

Mulambo the Artist

Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works Qg3Zqwp

having proficiency in Blender, Mulambo was also known for his fanart previously released via Deviantart under the handle "Misterpain. Although his original account is deactivated for unknown reasons, Mulambo's watermarked Artwork previously hosted on Deviantart prior to his account deactivation is now available via his website

Mulambo the Musician

Working mainly in Linux Multimedia Studio & CooleditPro 2, Mulambo created a number of downloadable mp3 tracks, mostly video game theme/OST covers and remixes. A large number of the tracks are metal influenced covers/remixes, but there are also some interesting ambient tracks.
His works are still available for download via his website and viewable via his official youtube channel.

Download Links

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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I'm glad to hear the posting template helped.
I added some additional corrections & corrections to your article but all in all a Job well done.
An interesting bio. I do vaguely recall this creator and their Deviant art illustrations

Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works 39750191021_f709bd611c_o



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Random as creator ive never heard of.
Its the quirky stuff that makes mugen so interesting even if its not my flavor or what im into.
Just shows how deep the mugen rabbit hole can go right

Emanuele Pepi/Mulambo/moolambo/Misterpain's Mugen Works KwiHzMC

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