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Dareks Newagemugen Legacy Mugen Stage Creations Collection Complete (1.25GB, Over 50 Stages!)

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Dareks Newagemugen Legacy Mugen Stage Creations Collection Complete (1.25GB, Over 50 Stages!) 51937087043_a9ce7b0d64_o
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Dareks Newagemugen Legacy Mugen Stage Creations Collection Complete
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"La gente vive apoyándose en el conocimiento y la conciencia. A eso lo llaman "realidad".Pero puede que esa realidad sea una ilusión.
La gente vive dentro de su propia convicción."
"People live by relying on knowledge and awareness. They call that 'reality'. But that reality may be an illusion. People live within their own conviction." - Darek 2010-2014.

Darek, AKA Darek Shep is well known retired Latin American Mugen coder & Stage creator & an Original veteran member of team Newagemugen.
He was also a member of the now defunct MTM (Mugen imperial latino) Mugen community forum and facebook group.

He is best known in the Mainstream Mugen community for making a massive library of Mugen stages during the "Golden Age of Mugen" (2008-2010) & creating a large number of graphically complex and rich 100% original stages, most of which are still used to this day.
He also has a large collection of stages that were never allegedly released to the public.

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Like most veteran newagemugen founding members, Darek's strong background and base skills in graphic design & various digital editing/VFX software, providing him with the necessary skills to create both original stages aswell as heavily edited conversions of existing game stages from various franchises ranging from SNK/KOF, to Blazblue.
After joining Newagemugen, Darek's skills continued to improve as he was mentored and given feedback from fellow members on perfecting his craft.
His original/edited Naruto Shippuden anime inspired stages were also particularly popular at the time.

Although Darek did not Join Team Newagemugen until 2012, he was active in the Mugen community since atleast 2010 but likely earlier.
Although he has not had any known activity within the community, it is known that he still accesses his various accounts on other Mugen severs as recent as September 2022, indicating he still has some presence within the Mugen community.

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Little Known Facts & Secret Mugen History Gems of knowledge

Following the Newagemugen tradition of always pushing the benchmark and thinking outside the square to push the Mugen experience to the fullest, Darek was also one of the earliest pioneers along with other Veteran Newagemugen/Club Syndicate members, to experiment with custom coding to enable additional Mugen features not available by default in the early Mugen 1.0 engine.

Examples would be his experimentation with adding tag mode to Mugen 1.0, and custom codes to force certain winpose states with the camera settings, and various zoom fixes. Again, evidence and proof that time and time again, the true beauty of Mugen lies in the creativity and persistence of its members to think outside the box and make the seemingly impossible, possible. Always pushing the benchmark.

The Misty Controversy

Also definitely worth mentioning, is that contrary to belief, Darek did not first rise to fame in the Mugen community due to his stages.
It was actually due to an infamous video, which was to be his first ever youtube upload on June 9th, 2010.
The video showcased a WIP character from the KOF universe, Misty. A non-playable character, famous as the NPC white-clad NESTS member and secretary of Igniz, that appears in KOF2001.
The character was highly anticipated by the large KOFMugen sub-community of the time, many of which were asociated with Mugenimperiallatino (MTM) a predominantly KOF Mugen focused community. As far as it is known, Misty was never released to the public.

In summary, Darek's contributions to the Mugen community have laid the foundations for many other aspiring creators alike, and his stages continue to be edited, re-released, and included in various Mugen fullgame compilations throughout the Mugen multiverse.
Another way in which the Newagemugen community & it's members have influenced the wider Mugen community from behind the scenes.

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