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Official N00B to PRO Anti-Lurking 101 Guide

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Official  N00B to PRO Anti-Lurking 101 Guide RjBqV68
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Official  N00B to PRO Anti-Lurking 101 Guide M73YjVR

In this guide we will show you some basic steps on how to avoid becoming a lurker.

Lurking has been the no.1 problem in the Mugen community since 2018.
Social media & Discord have had a negative affect on Mugen's foundation - Forum culture.

Newagemugen does not interfere, or offer opinions on how other Mugen communities conduct their business.
We are only concerned with how we run our community.

Our community approach to lurking has remained unchanged since 2010 (even as early back as 2005).
Our emphasis on participation, productivity and content creation is the reason we have outlived countless other forums and Mugen communities.
And also why we will continue to thrive under this ideology for many years to come.

The Newagemugen family rejects Laziness, low motivation, procrastination and other unhealthy habits.
We encourage and motivate our members to be the best versions of themselves in both Mugen and life.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily avoid Lurking and account deletion.

01. Introduce yourself in the Introduction thread
This is basic community Etiquette in all walks of life and a good confidence building exercise for real life.
If you join clubs in real life, you introduce yourself.  When you create a resume or apply for a job, you introduce yourself.
When you go to parties or socialize with friends, you introduce yourself. If you create a profile on dating sites, you introduce yourself.

02. HEAVILY Limit Discord usage
Discord servers are the no.1 cause of the Mugen lurker Pandemic since 2018.
Content posted on Discord servers does not appear in google search results. Unlike forums, they do not promote user content.
You are just stuck in a giant scrolling chat timeline.
Mindlessly reading comments and posting reactions and replies that eventually get lost on the timeline as more posts appear.
If you have content to share. create a post for it on this forum instead.

02. Share Mugen releases and downloads
This is the easiest thing you can do to increase your rank. Post download links here in the release section. Everyone wins.
Here is a posting guide to help you.

03. Post Artwork and graphics
Post your own artwork or stuff you think is cool here. Also very easy:

04. Post your mugen Videos
Self explanatory. Share your videos.

If you have a high quality channel, you may even be nominated to join our exclusive Newagemugen Cinema Network program and receive free Search boosts and user traffic:

05. Create or participate in Mugen Discussion Topics
Self Explanatory:

07. Create a random Discussion topic about anything
Got stuff on your mind? Money? Life? School? Relationships? Health? Fitness? Post about it here

08. Post anything about Video Games
If you are into mugen you must be into games. share a review. tell us about new games coming out, share trailers. Anything about gaming

09. Post anything about Music
Self Explanatory:

10. Post Anything about Movies & Anime
Self Explanatory:

11. If all else fails, just Donate to support Newagemugen
This is a last resort if the above steps are too hard for you for whatever unknown reason.

If you really are shy or allegedly don't have time to post but don't want to loose your account, you can contribute this way also.

Follow any of these steps to avoid Lurking and you will have a great experience here at Newagemugen.

Official  N00B to PRO Anti-Lurking 101 Guide LFGmvhz

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